Emotiva Pro Airmotiv 5

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Amazing balance, power, and realism are in order when you first fire up the airmotiv 5s. Despite their small size, they can easily reproduce all the power and majesty of your most complex tracks, while delivering effortless micro-detail you might never expect. We think they'll quickly become your "go-to" monitor for nearly every session.

Latest reviews

Pros: great on all kinds of music impressive sound in a desk top setting and highly resolving
Cons: none that I can tell
   I have had these since november and have come to be very impressed with their performance.Even if this speaker sold for three times the price I would be very happy with its performance.But I have made some tweaks to get them to sound the way they do.The first tweek was to upgrade the stock power cords I used the emotiva iec power cords that emotiva sells under the interconnect title.This was a nice improvement in the bass and just a general bump upward in their sound performance.The next tweek which I have to say is a absoulute must to get the most out of these very capable active speakers was to upgrade the fuse in of course both speakers.I am using the hifi tuning supreme fuse and I have to say the fuse upgrade  brought a absolutely huge improvement to the speakers sound.The change was anything but subtle.The stock speakers tendancy to sound a bit forward sounding was completely eliminated.The soundstage is now incredibly large and the speaker has become a much more resolving speaker in just about every respect.The fuse size is a 1 amp small slow blow fuse.I recommend the hifi tuning supreme fuse.I tried the quantum fuses and returned them they just did not sound as good as the hifi tuning fuses at least in my set up.They sounded much more upfront and I just preferred the supreme fuses they just sounded a lot more relaxed and had a much bigger soundstage.
  I also recommend a proper stand for this speaker the stands do really make a difference with most any speaker. I am using a short sound anchor 4 post stand which I had made for my floorstanding b&ws which I have moved on from with a set of emotiva airmotiv 6s in my living room set up.
  I am using a peachtree decco 2 in my desk top set up as a dac/preamp.I have upgraded the fuse in the peachtree too with a hifi tuning supreme fuse as well.These hifi tuning fuses really do work I recommend them and consider them essential if you want to get the most from any of your components.
 I have based my rating by the results that I have attained with the upgrades.Before them the unit was excellent but my opinion of the airmotiv 5 has risen greatly with the tweeks I have initiated.
Helpful review. Good suggestions. Sent PM about fuses.
FYI for anyone who does try the fuses, looking from the back, power flows from right to left through fuse (fuses sit crosswise).


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