Elephone Whisper

Pros: NC tech at a super price. Acoustically talented. Fun cannon bass time.
Cons: NC tech isn’t perfect. They like to throw too much bass around.
Elephone Whisper Noise Cancelling Earphone Quick Review by mark2410
Thanks to GearBest for the sample.
Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/823945/elephone-whisper-noise-cancelling-earphone-review-by-mark2410
Brief:  An Elephantine offering from Elephone :)
Price:  US$60 or £47 however, atm on sale to US$53 or £41
Specifications:  Connectivity : Wired, Application: Computer, For iPod, Mobile phone, Portable Media Player, Plug Type: 3.5mm, Cable Length (m): 1.2m, Frequency response: 10-20000Hz, Impedance: 32ohms, Sensitivity: 113 dB ± 3dB, Working Time: 25h, Battery Information, Battery Types: Rechargeable battery, Battery Capacity(mAh): 24mAh, Dimension and Weight, Product weight: 0.017 kg, Package weight: 0.140 kg, Package size (L x W x H): 18.00 x 4.00 x 9.00 cm / 7.09 x 1.57 x 3.54 inches
Accessories:  Relatively Spartan.  3 pairs of silicone tips and a USB to 3.5mm adapter to charge their battery.
Build Quality:  Very nice.  All the key bits are metal clad, though most of the buds are plastic they would appear flawless.  There was nothing about them I could fault.
Isolation:  Almost none.
Noise Cancelling:  Well they have ANC built in so with the flick of a switch on the Y splitter you can make external sounds disappear.  ANC is never perfect but it does work relatively well and is very good at eliminating constant, droning sounds like a computer fan or and aircraft engine.  Long flights is the application where the tech shines and these are being so open super comfy to wear for hours.
Comfort/Fit:  These ore so open there is zero suction or pressure on the ears despite that vast bass.  No sealing, cut off feeling that some people can’t stand about IEM’s either.
Aesthetics:  These grey pair looks great to me and they come in a crazy blue too.  They look too vibrant but these I think look very civilised and mature.
Sound:  Strangely good.  They are open so that givens certain acoustic things an easy time and they make the best of it.  They are good and while super bassy their openness means that bass isn’t skull crushing oppressive bass.  It’s actually rather fun despite its vastness.  It’s also nicely nudged down from the mid/bass cusp so it doesn’t interfere with things it shouldn’t, making the mids and bass more distinct.  The treble is reasonably detailed but not the greatest abundance and its extension does trail off.  I think that may be due to the hiss that the NC seems to generate, a little absorbing its production abilities.  Still for their pricing I’m happy with their detail levels and their NC tech is just gravy.  Overall I might want the bass a little tamed as it is so abundant at times yet manages to pull off never being oppressive, so it remained fun and enjoyable at all times.
Value:  They are pretty great.  The NC tech inside does what NC tech does and they are a good sounding pair of earphones that come in at a cracking price.  NC tech is usually waaaaay more expensive than this so if you can’t have tightly sealed things in your ears but do want outside noise reduction this is a damn cheap way to get you on that audio ladder.
Pro’s:  NC tech at a super price.  Acoustically talented.  Fun cannon bass time.
Con’s:  NC tech isn’t perfect.  They like to throw too much bass around.