Wretched Stare

Great big Edifier Sound
Pros: Comfortable, great balanced signature , looks very understated yet premium
Cons: No swivel adjustment, soft cups attract finger prints.

The packaging is superb and feels very premium, letting you know this is not a average product from the great budget company. Accessories include a silk like carrying pouch and two cables , a 2.5-m audio cable and a 1.2-m on-the-go cable with in-line remote and microphone. Fitted with metal jack plugs on both ends. The wires are of "audiophile" quality.
The handsome H880 over-ear headphones come with an integrated black-colored matte finish. The lively theme of the H880 produces a fun under current that makes any music enjoyable in any environment. The smooth rubber coating protects your headphones from scratches, and the aluminum alloy hinges are abrasion resistant; a perfect match to your modern lifestyle. Edifier’s H880 are a clean, modern and powerful over-ear headphone that gives the user high performing functionality and style.

I found build quality very good, the aluminum joints seem strong and are scratch resistant, comfort was as good as some $300 headphones I have partly from a design standpoint and from the very nice leatherette pads with memory foam. Also giving the H880 good passive noise cancelation. The cables are excellent for stock ones considering the now reduced price of $99 dollars.

Bass: is well accented without bloat or muddy intrusion, I would say its just a little north of balanced. Their is a nice punch in the Sub and Mid Bass that said it is far from overwhelming and offers details without being fatiguing.

Mids: Lower Mids have some warmth with upper Midrange showing clarity and neutrality, vocals are forward. In general Mids are balanced and rich with good separation.

Highs: are crisp, have good detail retrieval and do have some sparkle on top but never reach a point where they're to harsh or splashy.

Soundstage is open and is just beyond the head with a 180 degree field or similar to standing in front of some nice speakers. Its natural to my ears and sound big and enjoyable for any media played. The separation and great imaging add to this giving it a good depth and a little more width.

Conclusion: The H880 is a unique looking budget flagship that doesn't disappoint, for under $100 it offers and excellent build with all day comfort and a detailed, balanced signature big V (bordering on U shape) that can be listened to for long periods without ear fatigue.