Easy KZ ATE S in Ear Earphones Hifi KZ ATE-S Stereo Sport Earphone Super Bass Noise Canceling Hifi Headphones (Black with mic)

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Model Number:KZ ATES Transducer Principle: Dynamic Driver Diameter:8.2mm Impedance: 16ohm Sensitivity: 106dB Frequency Response: 15Hz-29kHz Length:120cm With or without mic:with mic/without mic

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Great Fit, Clarity&Distinction, Price, Built Quality, Waterproof, Comfort
Cons: Average Soundstage, Wires are still Tangly
Hi There Head-Fi'ers

What we have here is the Sports version of an already awesome pair of IEMs. The KZ ATE S

I ordered this one after having some fitting issues with the KZ ATE. It took a month to arrive and the waiting was worthwhile.
This time, Knowledge Zenith gave this IEM a small cardboard box with the three pairs of tips and one pair is the special foam tip that takes comfort while listening to the next level, never did I put them off out of discomfort even after hours of listening. And now you can move and even sleep while wearing them!
What mainly differs these from the KZ ATE is the added Memory Wire, the function of this is to make sure that you never have to worry about these falling off from your ears. You have to adjust these according to the shape of your ear while you are wearing it OVER you ear, then this will act as a hook, but it is kinda bothersome at the beginning to make these adjustments until you get used to them and thank them for making your life easier.

The protection also increased,  as the Memory Wire keeps the wire safe at the junction of the wire and the cans, also some strain reliefs at the Y-splitter. The L-Shaped Jack with gold-plated jack stays with them.

The sound is actually nearly identical to those of KZ ATE's. The only difference I found was of the power output. The 'S' Version gives out more power and makes no hiss at high volumes. Bass is compact and hard and you could actually visualize sound with the bass. The Mid-Range is accurate and has little distortion.Treble is still the main treasure of these IEMs and they don't break off unless the record has problems in it, in this price range, I have not yet met it's match.

The wires are still sticky and Tangly, the body of the earphones are the same as the ATE. The Soundstage remains to be their main drawback.

Words can't express the goodness this brings and at this price, it is one of those earphones that you would feel good to keep and listen to minus the burden of expense. I'm quite hooked up with these IEMs and I am a bit biased with them.

Hope this was helpful for you!


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