EarSonics EM32

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  1. Rollk2
    "Very powerfull and detailed CIEM that has the ES housesound"
    Pros - Emotion / very detailed / extended / bass impact / rich and dense mids / extended highs without fatigue nor sibilance / precise and spatial soundstage
    Cons - Not if you are looking for a bright sound
    EarSonics has made its last flagship for the guigs, but the EM32 can without a doubt satisfy audiophile who are looking for the "neutrality" with a reinforcement in the sub and the highs.
    The main characteristic is the same as for the EM3pro/EM4/EM6 : musicality and body ! But here you have all in one, that's the improvement. 3 transducers, 3 ways, two bores, no one on the market is able to reach this sound.
    The soundstage is large, height and deep, each music note has weight. It's very immersive, you have here an ambiance that is for the moment unreachable (JH Roxanne, SR335, H8pro haven't it). This ambiance makes it not very revealing as the EM32 has its own sound and approach of the musicality. The EM32 is a music instrument, not a monitor.
  2. isibn95
    "neutrality product : you ear the reality!!"
    Pros - neutral , balance, details, soundstage, dynamism
    Cons - better extension in highs
    this IEM is made in order to restitute exactly  NATURAL SOUNDS !!!! don t expext mega bass , facing mediums ,  or heavy highs presence!  
    EM32 draws what the record and mix has done and NOTHING ELSE........ so when the record , mix , DAP ? AMP !! is top so you obtain MAGICAL SOUND AND EVEN MORE!!!
    the infra are sometimes magnifik,   and so on for mids and highs ,    soundstage has a level of OPENHEADPHONES (hifiman he500..by example.) and circle shaped, sounds are very well placed in this circle space!
    it s a pleasure to use this IEM like an audiophile or musician on stage
    cons: extension in highs could be better ( for me a little possible upgrade)