Dynamic Motion DM100 - Balanced Dynamic Driver Earphone

General Information

10mm Dual Layer Diaphragm Driver
Polyimide Film Suspension for Extremely Low THD Corresponds to High Resolution Audio
Silky Smooth Treble

Balanced Dynamic Driver

Rear Air Duct Design

Anodized Aluminum, Brushed Silver Plate

Dual Coated Luxury Cable

Type: In-Ear
Driver Unit: 10mm(Polyimide Suspension)
Impedance: 24Ω+15%
Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
THD: Max 1% @ 1kHz
Max Input Power: 20mW
Code: 1.2m Textile Cable
Weight: 14g (with cable)
Plug: 3.5mm Stereo Plug

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Clean Sound Signature, Wonderful Build, Great Accessories
Cons: Small Housing Might Be Hard to Insert in the Ear
Can the Dynamic Motion DM100 initial good looks be backed up by a good overall package?  Let’s find out.
~ All photos were taken by me, no stock photos from the manufacture are used ~
- 4 Pairs of Silicon Ear Tips (XS, S, M, L)
- 1 Pair of Medium Sized Comply Tips (T400)
- 1 Cord Clip
- 1 Airplane Adapter
- Carrying Pouch

Ear tips for everyone, count them, 5 pairs.  Of which the silicon tips have an interesting shape that I personally have not seen before.  I’ve never been able to use silicon tips before, they normally just slowly slide out of my ears.  Though, with these different shaped tips, that curve at the ends, actually stay in my ears to create a good seal.  Of course there are also the Comply tips, a personal favorite of mine that work equally as well, though I think a black color would have looked better.
The Carrying Pouch is great.  It is larger than most cases that come with earphones, which makes it great for being able to fit all the extra tips and any other items you might want to throw in there.
Dynamic Motion’s design is just plain fantastic and looks even better in person than it does in the pictures.  The attention to detail is outstanding.  The DM100 is put together so flawlessly.  It is really a work of art.  Not that earphones need to be this beautiful, but it is an added bonus.  The vent on the back of the housing is not only for show, it is actually functional as well.
The cable is just a work of art.  It is soft yet feels extremely strong and durable.   Check out this diagram of the build of the cable, just amazing!  http://dynamicmotion.co.kr/files/attach/images/231/520/6bbb805edc7860e835eca4155239bba3.jpg

Here is where I ran into my only issue with the DM100.  The housing is so small, that it can be a tad hard to get a good grip on when inserting into the ear.  I usually twist earphones into place, but with these, I found myself pushing in towards the ear canal instead.  Once in, they are superbly comfortable.  So light weight you will honestly forget they are there.  The body itself is smooth and sits so gently in the ear.  Again, the varity of ear tips is outstanding, so everyone can find a good fit with the cool designed silicon versions, or the soft Comply T-400.
Bass – Or mid bass I should say.  While these do extend down a little, there is a noticeable spike in the midsection.  Normally I would prefer just a tad more sub bass, but the lows overall are controlled and never waver.

Mids – I don’t want to use the word recessed, but the mids do seem to take just a slight backseat to the rest of the range.  Vocals are still clear, but just a little lower in punch. 
Highs – The DM100 are a fairly bright earphone.  That brightness does come with full clarity however.  While it does clime up quite a bit, I never heard it crack.  At the edge of sibilant at times, but always just holds back just enough to not be piercing.
Isolation – I noticed, that I did not notice sounds around me, like my crying baby boy, oops…  Thank goodness for the wife.  Even with the ventilation, these isolate extremely well, I am sure this is due to the great seal that the little housings provide.
Soundstage – Like most good isolating soundstage is not the DM100’s strong suite.  I did notices a slight narrowing, though there is still good instrument separation.
Sound Signature – As you can see from my descriptions so far, the DM100 shows a focus on mid bass and highs.  Overall sound is still very controlled and clear.  These earphones are very well matched for classical guitar; there you will find the tunings true talent shown.
*Overall Thoughts*

The Dynamic Motion DM100 is a rare bird.  It is beautiful to look at and can sing a pretty tune as well.  Its song is different and distinguished.  The DM100 has a place in any collection for its ability to play certain genres with ease and accuracy.  It is a well built and wonderfully designed earphone that feels a premium as it looks.
More info and other products can be found here:  http://dynamicmotion.co.kr/
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Went out and bought them for myself, bought them off of ebay and probably overpaid. They are nice, the default tips fit very well and give a great seal. Overall satisfied, but should have offered the seller under $100, paid $125. They do look great.
Got this during massdrop. they're quite clean, but not excelling (nor offensive) in any particular frequency. I guess they're worth the massdrop price at least.
Hmm okay, after further listening, I found them to have the second best black background after Flare R2s among my collection, even better than Pinnacle and A8. The timbre, soundstage and bass impact aren't quite at R2s' level but they're really, really, easy to drive so they're excellent for phones or handheld consoles if you're searching for the same sound signature.


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