Dudios Dubuds

General Information

Dudios Dubuds- True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
14.2mm dynamic speakers deliver clear and flawless in-ear call and music quality. Crystal clarity and deep, resonant bass with delicately tuned sound

signature delivers you the immersive sound sound and put you on the stage center.

1. Audio Codec: SBC, AAC

2. USB-C Quick Charging

3. Easy Touch Control & One Step Pairing

4. Semi-In-Ear & Lightweight Design, you can hardly tell they are there.

5. Bluetooth Earbuds with Volume Control

6. Playtime: Up to 70hrs with charging case

7. Fast Master-Slave Switching Technology: Freely use either earbud or both together. Take either earbud out and they will work right out of the case. And they can even connect with 2 phones at one time.

8. 14.2mm Larger Diameter Drivers make the person on the other end hears you clearly, they even couldn't tell you are using mic from the earbuds.

9. Charging case with 2600mAh rechargeable battery, can be used as power bank for your other devices.

10. Stereo Binaural Call & Music Experience: With sensitive built-in microphone and speaker inside each earbud, these headphones will both work for a phone call.

11.IPX4 Waterproof: effectively protect from sweat during workouts.

12. Pocket-Sized Charging Case: Charge on the go

13. The LED indicator light on the front of the case will let you know the remaining battery of your case.

Latest reviews

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: Comfort , sound is very clear and immersive for gaming, music, etc. Convenient build in charger and powerbank
Cons: This style of bud might not be for everyone, some may prefer in ear

Packaging is minimal and adequate, inside you get the buds the charging case / powerbank and a cable. The case is solid and the buds are nice and light to fit in the ear comfortable and for a long time. The unit has a 14.2mm dynamic driver probably the biggest I've used in this type before. Dubuds support SBC and AAC Bluetooth codes, has IPX4 water resistance good for working out and has touch controls.


At the end of the day even with all its features sound is the most important thing about any audio product. Thankfully these deliver a good sound as well.

Bass: is tight and punchy not too much boost here very natural with some depth to the lows.

Mids: are forward and crystal clear vocals are excellent for a product of this type, it was nice to have a no muddy mids like on many products in this category.

Treble; is well implemented with some sparkle and no harshness, there is a good amount of details here.

Soundstage: is open and was very surprised to the naturalness of this, it makes for a very immersive experience gaming and watching media on my phones.

Conclusion: The Dubuds offer a great value as they have not only a good mild V shaped signature with great soundstage but offer nice features like the powerbank and touch controls.


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