Denon AH-C360 Advanced In-Ear Headphones

  1. phallumontis
    Incredible sound on the cheap
    Written by phallumontis
    Published Jul 31, 2011
    Pros - Excellent sound, comfort, price
    Cons - Cable is a bit fragile
    I've tried out several pairs of in-ear phones and never got used to the feel of them.  These are much more inviting straight away, as several earpads of different sizes are included.  I found my size and was off to the races.  The cable is a bit short, and I usually have to bring the included extension cable along with me on my commute.  This is not a problem, just an observation.  A carrying case, also included, can help in keeping the somewhat flimsy cable safe while on the move.
    The sound from these is very, very nice.  The bass is wonderful, with no exaggerated boominess.  It is fast, articulate, and full-bodied, very musical.  Midrange could have a bit more "wow" factor, but that's to be expected at this price.  Sins of omission, as they say.  The highs are very clear and detailed without ever being bright, just like I like 'em.  Overall, a very balanced presentation suitable for every type of music I've thrown at them.  Imaging is just OK, but they just sound so musical that it's difficult to care.  Much like my trusty Denon DL-160 phono cartridge, these headphones make me forget about "gear" and just listen to the music.  That is perhaps the best compliment of all.
    These in-ear headphones should really get more attention, as they represent an enormous value for the money.