A portable multimedia player by Creative Labs.

Creative Zen Vision: M

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  • A portable multimedia player by Creative Labs.

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  1. Danneq
    "Creative's last great MP3 player?"
    Pros - Good SQ, nice screen and UI
    Cons - A bit bulky by today's standards (2010)
    I've got nothing bad to say about the Vision: M. It is seen as the best MP3 player made by Creative, and while I only have experience with four Creative DAP:s, I have to agree. It might not be the best sounding MP3 player out there, but it's got a nice and smooth sound and an okay custom EQ.
    I got mine used from Ebay in 2009. The hard drive was dead and the player was pretty beat up. I put a CF card in place of the hard drive and it works great. I have not changed the battery yet, so this is why I gave "battery life" such a low rating. Once I have changed battery (easy to do), it will easily last over 20 hours compared to about 6 or 7 now...
    In all, this is probably the last great MP3 player made by Creative. If you can find one cheap and do not mind it being big compared to the current flash based MP3 players - get it!
  2. wangminzheng

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