Fine tune your audio senses with the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, co-developed with world gaming...

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

  • Fine tune your audio senses with the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, co-developed with world gaming champion, Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. Sleek, black and with a streak of fiery red, equip yourself with a world-class gaming arsenal that gives you the edge above all others. From the generous head padding to the enclosed plush earcups, your gaming sessions just got more comfortable. At the heart of this gaming headset are two large 40mm Neodymium drivers for realistic explosions and piercing gunfire. And as what you hear is just as important as what you say, the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset boasts a flexible and detachable noise-cancelling microphone boom that allows it to be used as a regular pair of headphones. With the in-line volume control, you can easily control your sound level or mute the microphone. For the serious gamer, the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset does mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Recent Reviews

  1. TsukiNick
    Boomy Bass, bad soundstage
    Written by TsukiNick
    Published Dec 27, 2014
    Pros - Cheap, removeable mic, decently comfortable
    Cons - cheaply made, bad imaging, overly bassy
    So I got these real cheap, I thought what the heck for $15 I can't go wrong.....I was wrong.  Well they are listenable, I hardly call them a gaming headphone besides the mic built in, explosions were pretty fun in Battlefield.  I didn't have a good mic at the time so it was a godsend to have one to talk to my friends on teamspeak, mic quality is just okay even with a soundcard.  Honestly I probably would sell them if the shipping didn't cost me more than the headphones, maybe I'll give em to a friend if their mic/headset breaks.
  2. eriktheg
    Good headphones for $30
    Written by eriktheg
    Published Mar 5, 2011
    I wouldn't say these are the best things in the world, but they do work for gaming and they do their job well. I manage to keep with a 2.0 kill/death score at all times in any FPS game I play even though they are running through Realtek HD audio.
    For $30, they one of the best. Most would mistake these as worse than Gamecom 367, but they are actually better with more filled bass then the 367's and less hollow sounding unlike the extreme hollow sound of the Gamecom 367.
    Build Quality is alright, Detachable mic is a +.
    One thing I have a problem though is the wiring on the left side is interfering with the driver, therefore preventing from being balanced with the volume and clarity of the right driver.
    If your going cheap and want a good set of gaming cans, these are the way to go in most cases.
    Many assume that these cans are over rated among many cheap gamers but in reality, they are actually really decent IMO. get them for $30 or less and you will be satisfied.
    1. t1n5l3y
      A small, although not that easy of a modification, is to remove the red plastic on both cups. Yes, it makes the headset open, but sound impoves significantly. Bass is less bloated, but does not lose its impact, the rest feels less congested, sound stage widens, more detail, and highs improve. However, the red plastic might break in the process... but having owned them for two years I did not really care...
      t1n5l3y, Mar 6, 2011


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