The DACmini CX from CEntrance is a highly compact, reference-quality, digital-to-analog...

CEntrance DACmini CX

  • The DACmini CX from CEntrance is a highly compact, reference-quality, digital-to-analog headphone converter with transparent playback. The unit features proprietary AdaptiWave 24-bit USB audio technology JitterGuard clock management system and an audiophile headphone amplifier.Styled to stack perfectly with an Apple Mac mini the combination will function as a small-footprint audio hub and provides a perfect way to listen to HD music at home. The unit features a line-level input for a portable music player an S/PDIF input for digital sources and a headphone amplifier that can drive virtually any headphones with near nonexistent distortion.

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  1. joespride
    A very good dac
    Written by joespride
    Published Jul 25, 2014
    Pros - superbly easy software, build quality, Sound quality, options, very nice sounding class A amp built in
    Cons - none yet
    After an extensive search online for a replacement for my very good Schiit Bifrost, I settled on the Dacmini, in part from comments here on Head-Fi, and the fact that Stereophile has had it as a Class A recommended component for 3 years running (2012,13,&14 I did not feel the need to go back further in my research)
    sound is very good I have had 4 dacs now which consisted of,  Schiit uber Bifrost, Schiit Modi, Audio Gd 11.32, and California audio labs Alpha 16 bit, Of the previous the Bifrost was the best.
    Comparing the Centrance Dacmini with Bifrost I find the mini offers better air, separation, tighter bass with extension on top and bottom............When paired with my Kenzie amp the dac simply shines
    I believe I have found that synergy that is often discussed but rarely found without an exhaustive search.  The HE500 sounds better than I have ever heard it, it sounds so good it must be a sin
    add to all that you get a class A amp built in and the value is incredible, The amp is very nice but can not hold up to my Kenzie, the tubes sound glorious with the mini
    Color me happy with my mini...................P.S. these dont appear to pop up used often so if you see one its best to snap it up, I paid 450.00 for one that looks like new, & performs perfectly and could not be happier[​IMG]
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    1. Savant
      Forgive the ignorance, but what is the Kenzie?
      Savant, Dec 4, 2014
    2. joespride
      joespride, Dec 4, 2014


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