CCA Pianist


100+ Head-Fier
H-2019v2 Target Hitter for $30
Pros: +Tonality
Cons: -Timbre
-No Pouch
CCA Pianist

First, I wanted to thanks CCA for providing me the unit for this review, as always my review is 100% my own personal opinion.

You can get the Pianist here
Official website:


Inside the box you get :
  • IEM
  • Cable
  • Eartips
  • Document

Build Quality

The faceplate is made from what i believed to be metal, it is shiny but a bit of a fingerprint magnet.

The body itself is made from plastic and is very lightweight.
As for the cable itself, its pretty meh, this cable is the one that I always called as "KZ Bihun Cable".

The fitting of CCA Pianist is very comfortable, I can wear it for long listening session without feeling sore or tired, thanks to its very lightweight body.


Tested using iFi ZEN DAC V2, Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti, FiiO BTR7, Stock Cable, Stock Eartips
Music is mostly from Apple Music (J-POP, J-Rock, Anisong, EDM, RAP, Jazz, Metal)

Tonality in General : Harman Neutral

Bass :The bass quantity is pretty compliance with Harman target 2019v2 IEM, it has boosted sub-bass, clean transition from mid-bass to midrange.
CCA Pianist has a decent punch but average rumble.
Bass presentation is on the speedier side and is very suitable for double pedal / metal tracks.

Midrange : Also very compliance to Harman target graph, it has forward mids with good clarity, though if you listen to higher listening volume vocal can be a bit shouty at times.

Instrument sounds OK on this set, nothing spectacular but not bad either.
Note weight is presented on the leaner side.

Treble : Treble here is sparkly, airy, with fast decay, extension is average but the layering is very good.

In my opinion, the CCA Pianist's tonality is tuned for individual who is a fan of Harman Target 2019v2 IEM, it is pretty much a target hitter for $30USD,though the timbre of this set is not very natural.


Stage :
Very good, it has large sized stage for its price and it also has exact wall placement with symmetrical size in width and depth.

Imaging : Average, it sounds 2.5D to my ears, it is not just sound coming towards you but it still lacks that 3D information to be called as a holographic set.

Separation & Positioning : Good, it has no problem with overlapping between sounds and positioning like left panning and right panning is decently presented.

Detail Retrieval : Is above average for its price, it has micro details but in cost of a bit shrill sounding / not very natural.


FiiO FH3

As per request of CCA reps to compare it to a “branded” same 1DD + 2BA Configuration set, how does the CCA Pianist stands?

The FiiO FH3 has more traditional V-Shaped sounding, boosted sub-bass and sparkly and boosted lower treble, vocal on FH3 is more recessed, treble is also sharper. Both present sounds in a more leaner way.

Technicality wise, shockingly both IEM is pretty close, though I must give an edge for bass details to the FH3.

Moondrop CHU 2

1DD, VDSF Target, bass is more focused on the mid bass area rather than sub bass, has more natural timbre but inferior separation.


Do I recommend the CCA Pianist?

If you're a fan of Harman Target tuning or want to try what is Harman Target tuning on a very tight budget, then the answer is YES, why not, it has pretty good technicalities for only $30.

Though if you're an individual who appreciate more natural timbre or natural timbre is a must, you might better off searching for another IEM.

In the end, do use your own judgement, myself as a reviewer just giving you more perspective and data on how an IEM sounds on the Internet free for you to process by yourself.

Just in case you're Indonesian or understand Bahasa Indonesia, you can watch the CCA Pianist review here

Thanks for reading this far,

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Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare

CCA Pianist
1DD+2BA Hybrid IEM
Unmatched Sound Quality: Professional Acoustics Tuning Signature
A True Hybrid Experience: 1DD + 2BA Hybrid IEM
Precision-Crafted: High-Precision 3D Printed Cavity
Aesthetic and Inspirational: Creatively Designed Appearance
Professional-Grade Components: Silver-Plated Cables
Maximum Comfort: Ergonomic Design

Product model
39±3 ohm
Pin Type/Plug type
Cable Type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length

The package is simple, accessories include a cable and tips as well as the unit, they are typical CCA quality as I've come to expect. Nothing too fancy just made well. The pianist shells are resin and metal with cool angled venting. The look reminds me of other KZ IEM, they provided decent isolation and good comfort for me.

The lows present deep with a fast decay and a well-controlled punch. they have a natural warm tone with good texture and details.
The Mids are warm and present with forward vocals, notes have good weight, particularly on stringed and percussion instruments. Upper Mids are brighter and a little more forward. There is a small amount of elevation in the upper mids and lower treble.
The Treble is extended well with energy and sparkle. It sounds excellent but it's not the most natural highs and might not be for treble sensitive.

Soundstage: Staging is accurate with good overall positioning it is average in width and perhaps a little deeper.

The CCA Pianist is a new, interesting Hybrid. It has a theme and backstory I found interesting. The triple driver produces a good overall performance. I found it shined best with acoustical and jazz music and similar. Driving it directly off my phone it seemed more bass heavy and typical V-shaped, it opened up more with a simple dongle DAC.


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