Califone 1285G-08 8-Position Sound Alert Monaural Listening Center

General Information

Providing safe audio equipment for group-based environments is critical in aiding students to work and study together. The 8-position Sound Alert Listening Center is the first of its kind to warn teachers and students when the audio that's played through the jackbox to its headphones is louder than the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's recommended 85dB level.

The center is ideal for supporting audio-assisted learning activities such as individual and group tutorials, literacy groups, language lessons, story-time, Special Education, and ELL/ELD learning applications. It includes the Sound Alert jackbox, eight matching 2924AVG monaural headphones and a rugged carry case. With the sound level controlled from its jackbox, the listening center can safely keep the volume to a safe 85 decibel level.


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