Bose Companion 2 Series II multimedia speaker system

Average User Rating:
  1. cutecob
    "Acceptable but not great computer speakers"
    Pros - Readily available
    Cons - no highs, boomy bass, noisy electronics with hum
    First of all I do not like Bose products. This was my first purchase and I only bought these because I was in Bogota and there was NOTHING else available. These were what I expected. No tweeter means there were no highs to speak of. I also found the bass to be quite boomy which is what I expect the general uninformed public would like. There was noticeable noise when no music was playing as well as a pronounced hum. I didn't bother to return them because nothing else was available. There are many other much better options out there.
  2. VeXun
    "Great sound"
    Pros - High quality sound, great for certain types of music
    Cons - overpriced and bulky
    I got these speakers because I wanted to get some speakers that didn't have a sub so my neighbors don't complain but these still are loud enough for them to complain.. They sound amazing with certain types of music and not so great with others, they are also only made to sound good at lower volumes. I would recommend them to people who like classical music and jazz and people looking for good 2.0 speakers who don't / can't have a sub.
  3. aarmstrong
    Pros - Small, Good Looking.
    Cons - Pick up interference from mobile, not very durable.
    Not entirely disappointed, but I wouldn't recommend.