Bose® Mobile On-Ear Headset - Black (41314)

General Information

Enjoy quality Bose sound and comfortable headphone fit and switch seamlessly between music and calls. Presenting the Bose mobile on-ear headset for your music-enabled mobile phone. Experience the remarkable clarity and range of Bose sounds, whether you're listening to tunes or engaged in a conversation. The Bose mobile on-ear headset combines on-ear headphones with a custom-designed audio cable featuring an omnidirectional, inline microphone for mobile communications. This integrated headset delivers high quality audio for both phone conversations and music. The audio cable is compatible with Apple iPhone and other mobile phones with 3.5mm jacks. The connector fits directly into these phones, and most laptops and portable MP3, DVD and CD players without an adapter. A set of four adapters is included with the headset for connections to mobile phones with 2.5mm jacks. Proprietary Bose technologies produce high quality audio in a compact on-ear design. The unique TriPort acoustic headphone structure provides excellent low-frequency output and helps create a wide range of audio from small, lightweight earcups. The headphones weigh less than five ounces for hours of comfortable wear. Earcups are softly padded and gently conform to the shape of your ears. The earcups also rotate from front-to-back and top-to-bottom for an adaptable fit that reduces pressure points. TriPort acoustic headphone structure Proprietary Bose technology produces a quality audio performance. For clearer mobile phone communications and easy switching between music and calls. The earcups also fold up into the headband for increased portability and easy storage. Extensive compatibility Up to 3 of adjustment in headband length Protective case includes storage space for adapters and accessories Dimensions - Height 7.3 x Width 5.3 x Depth 2.4 (18.5x13.5x6.0cm) Ear cushion Dimensions - Height 3.0 x Width 2.2 (7.6x5.6cm) Cable length - 43 (


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