Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1 Active Studio Monitor System

General Information

Blue Sky?s entry level 2.1 system, MediaDesk offers full-range monitoring on the desktop and is optimized for computer-driven audio recording and production. Easily expandable to a 5.1 system as with all Blue Sky systems, MediaDesk 2.1 incorporates two ultra-compact 2-way satellite speakers, each featuring a high-quality 4" driver and a 1" tweeter, along with a dedicated 8" powered subwoofer and Bass Management System. MediaDesk can be easily upgraded to a space-efficient 5.1 multi-speaker system with an upgrade kit that includes three more satellites and a control module.2 x 4? 2-way satellites, with one inch soft dome tweeter 1 x 8? powered subwoofer2.1 bass-managementSubwoofer and Master Volume, located on the back of the Subwoofer3 x 60 Watts (60 Watts for each SAT & 60 Watts for the SUB)Drivers: Cast aluminum frame, 4" hemispherical driver and 1" tweeter?both fully video shieldedFrequency response: 100 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dBDimensions: 9.5" H x 6.5" W x 5.75" DWeight: 7 lbsDrivers: Cast aluminum frame, 8" forward-firing driver with 1.5" voice coil?fully video shieldedPower: Dedicated 60-watt amplifier for the Subwoofer and one low-distortion 60-Watt amplifier for each MediaDesk SAT 2.1 Bass Management System (4th order, 100 Hz Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter for the subwoofer, 2nd order 100Hz high pass filters for the satellite speakers)Frequency response: 35Hz to 100Hz ± 3dBDimensions: 15" H x 14" W x 15" DWeight: 35 lbs

Latest reviews

Pros: clarity, imaging, expandable to 5.1
Cons: needs more low mids
I have experienced a nicely sized 'comfort zone' with these speakers.
There is a slightly larger horizontal comfort zone than with my Mackie HR824's.
I was using these speakers in the studio but I wouldn't recommend them for reference monitors because the low mids sounded too attenuated to my ears.
An application where the MediaDesk will shine however is in a a den or a small room. These speakers are great for smaller spaces and low-level listening because at lower volumes the lower mid attenuation is much less noticeable. (re Fletcher-Munson curve)
The system also allows for an upgrade to a 5.1 set-up, with additional active amps being placed in the subwoofer casing.
Overall Blue Sky did a pretty nice job on these and after hearing them I am more interested in hearing Blue Sky's TOTL System One which is currently used in some big name movie production studios.
Pros: clarity, ease of use, setup, imaging
Cons: Can dissort at high volume
This was my first pair of studio monitors and I never felt a need to upgrade them. I am currently running these speakers with Xonar STX and they sound great. I used to own the Swans M200 and let me tell you, the these speaker blow Swans out of the water. Compare to the Swans M200 MKII which was boring a dull; these speakers presents a level of clarity and depth that the Swans can never touch. The speakers uses two types of connection: RCA, and balanced. So if you don't have a sound card that has RCA output (ie Xonar STX) or balanced output (ie EMU 0404), you'll need a converter plug. I highly recommend these speakers to anyone who is looking for computer speakers. You will not be disappointed.


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