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Hat Peed Thingee

It’s a headphone amp and a preamp in a couple, or three, drain pipes. We put it under the headphone amp section because we suspect most people are going to buy this Hat Peed Thingee to use as a headphone amp. If we are wrong, well, we are wrong.

This Hat Peed Thingee uses the same audio circuit as the SBH with upgraded op-amps. It can drive low impedance headphones. It can handle three pairs of 32 ohm headphones with no problem. It can drive those headphones and at the same time drive a power amp too. You may ask why so much power. It's reserve power to provide you with the headroom you'll need to deal wth demanding music.

The Hat Peed Thingee is just like any other Thingee product. There are serval levels of power supply upgrades. Actually four levels to be exact. "Confused? We'll explain. But first why would we do this? Because entirely too many people have asked whether they can buy a demo SBH headphone amp because they can’t afford a new one. We have only one demo and it is still being use as a demo, therefore it is not for sale. So, we made a headphone amp in a pipe and put it into the Thingee line of products to save some cost on the cosmetics. Result - performance without the extra cost of expensive cosmetics.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sounds pretty good
Cons: Cannot be repaired
While I liked the sound quality of the amp fairly well, it developed a problem where one channel began distorting then went dead.  This normally would not be an issue although the short warranty had expired. Even so I shipped it back to the vendor and awaited a repair estimate. The estimate was over $450.  They told me it could not be repaired because of all the silicone that was holding the components in the pipe.   They had to make a new amp.  They did say they could reuse the power supply and this is why it was not quite full price.
As much as I liked the sound, I think you are much better off staying away from an item that for all practical purposes cannot be repaired.  What were they thinking.  And they make other audio components that use the same silicone dope in a pipe design!


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