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  • Brand Name: BGVP
  • Function: Monitor Headphone,For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone
  • Resistance: 32Ω
  • Model Number: DX3s
  • Waterproof: No
  • With Microphone: No
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Communication: Wired
  • Line Length: 1.2m
  • Plug Type: Line Type
  • Control Button: No
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: No
  • Wireless Type: None
  • Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response Range: 15-25000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 118dB
  • Style: Ear Hook
  • Is wireless: No
  • Volume Control: No
  • With Mic: Optional
  • Color: Black
  • Driver Unit: 15mm Graphene Dynamic Driver Unit

Latest reviews

Johnny Mac

New Head-Fier
Pros: Solid build, great accessory set, easy on the ears sound.
Cons: Uber tight mmcx connection

Milestones are always a fun way of noting how progress in one’s passion is taking shape and it is with great glee that Audio Realviews has another 1st in the site. The 1st that we are referring to is an earbud realview. You might have heard of BGVP from its highly known siblings, the DMG and the DM6’s. What we have now to realview though is Audio Realviews 2nd BGVP product and 1st earbuds, the DX3s. Priced at $54 yet on sale now for only $48, which can go down much more since we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner. You can snag a pair from DD Audio’s AliExpress site which also provided the sample unit.

The BGVP DX3s features a 15mm graphene moving coil driver unit and a CNC aircraft aluminum body. It is also riding the current MMCX trend on earbuds which is great especially for those that has a slew of MMCX cables at their disposable. The DX3s is spec’d out with a 15Hz-40 KHz Frequency Response, 32 Ohm Impedance and an 118dB Sensitivity. Do note that there was a released DX3s version 3 which had a 10Hz-40 KHz Frequency Response, 32 Ohm Impedance and 112dB Sensitivity. What we have is the version 2 which is currently the one circulated as the version 3 was only sold on select stores and have since ran out. Let’s see if $48 is worth it for an earbud like the DX3s.

Packaging and Build Quality

The DX3s came with an almost identical box set as the DMG’s except for the minor model specification changes, it is still a white cardboard sleeve which houses the brown box inside. Unboxing the DX3s packaging takes some time as the accessory set included in it is made to cover all bases. Found inside the package are a pair of blue and red earbud sponge tips, black solid sponge tips, black hollow sponge tips, 2 pairs of shark-fin wings (S and L), over-ear hooks and a shirt clip. Notably absent is a pouch which is kind of expected as even the DMG’s which was also from BGVP didn’t have any.
The DX3s has only one color which is black and uses CNC aircraft aluminum on its earbud housing with bare metal earbud surface with the BGVP logo and another bare metal vents which I’m personally not a fan of since earbuds already has minor seal and vents just amplifies the shortcomings of isolation. Comfort has always been an issue with me while using earbuds especially the standard 16mm earbud shells while the 14.2mm earbud shells fits my ear shape perfectly, the DX3s does great on comfort with its 15mm earbud shell which doesn’t hurt after long time use as well and although I’ve tried using full foams and hollow foams, the small shark-fin wings was the best in terms of fit and comfort, it also helps that it allows the bare metal earbud surface won’t be covered with foams.
The cable used on the DX3s is a 5N single-crystal copper with silver plating and oriented in copper and black sheath which indeed proved to be aesthetically premium and is great to look at. All the cable housings are made of aluminum except for the mic controls which is present at the expense of a chin slider. There is minimal strain relief both on the MMCX housing on the cable and on the straight 3.5mm gold-plated plug which features an uber simple BGVP white print on the black housing. Little to no microphonics was observed and the drop/answer/play/pause button works great as well as the mic itself. One thing to note is that the MMCX connectors are damn tight (Tightest among my MMCX interfaced IEMs) and without proper grip on the MMCX housing on the cable, it is an almost guarantee that this cable will snap. It is however soft enough to be stored well and has great tension on the cables to resist retaining folds thanks in part to the round-braid used on the cables.

The DX3s being an earbud with a dynamic driver underwent the 250-hour burn-in period. The DX3s came out with an overall warm sound with great emphasis on the lower midrange frequency. The Xduoo X3ii and Opus 1 as well as the Sony CAS-1 churning out 16/44 Flac files was used for the duration of the realview which would be mentioned along the realview.

Taking note that this is Audio Realviews 1st earbud realview, it is important to point out that in the earbud territory achieving superb bass performance is one of the aspects to make an earbud sound exceptional. It is unfair to compare an IEM to an earbud since they aren’t the built the same, you can’t compare how a Center gets more rebounds than a Point Guard in hoops topics or comparing a Utility truck with a Sports car, you just can’t, got the point? With that being said, I pumped out DeadMau5’s Cat Thruster and sub bass thump has little to no impact nor power to it, just like your days of showing up to work with no motivation, just get the day done. Bass drops are not fat and are decent at best although they linger long.

The DX3s midrange is easy to the ears and floats smoothly across the overall spectrum. Norah Jones’s Don’t Know Why sounded laid back and although it lacks the subtle emotional factor with just how laid back the delivery was, it still sounded soft and natural. The lower midrange was exceptional and Michael Buble’s Fly Me to the Moon was a vocally engaging and made Michael sound tonally lower than he should have been yet didn’t register as an awful vocal anomaly.

The highs of the DX3s is another aspect that doesn’t standout which is indeed both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on your preference. I called on The Killers to sing out their Everything Will Be Alright track which is predominantly loaded with low-end and midrange tones with nice bursts of highs. The highs came out gentle and although clarity isn’t remarkable making it sound a tad dark with audible dip. Overall, although the highs are rolled off, it still doesn’t sound tinny.

Soundstage and Imaging
The aspect that I love the most with earbuds is its soundstage. All earbuds are expected to have great soundstage and making sure that they are tackled well is the challenge. Width is exceptional on the DX3s and benefits greatly from right/left-left/right audio panning. There is good depth as well although not as great as how the width performs and the DX3s also gives out notable layering. Imaging is not that clear and articulate yet distinct enough especially on an earbud. The vents works great and covering them will make you laugh as to how absurd this would sound.

The DX3s is aesthetically great with great accessory set and tackles the expected earbud soundstage aspect with flying colors. It may not thump your chest with its lows nor tickle you with its highs, its easy and soft sound is great for long time use as long as you find the best way to wear them on your ears. And while the cable is built great and looks awesome, be careful when detaching the MMCX interface are they are prone to breakage. I’m glad the BGVP DX3s made the 1st earbud realview on this site which, just like this site, shows hints of excellence (or so they say) with a lot of room to improve.

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