Beyerdynamic T90 Premium Stereo Headphone

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  1. edmond
    "awsome very neutral headphones giving you everything your source has to give"
    Pros - extended range, very neutral but also very lively, great detail
    Cons - large
    I purchased these headphone after comparing to the Sennheisers HD650, the Grado PS-500, Hifiman HE-400 and HE-500.
    They are very neutral but have a lively sound with great extension into the high and the lows.
    By neutral I mean they give what is on the recording. There is no bass boost. If it`s there you will get it and as deep as it goes.
    By comparison they are closest to the HD650 slight smaller soundstage but lively instead of polite. Your foots starts tapping to the music and you are taken away. 
    Much more range extension, both bass and treble compared to the Grados. 
    As for the hifimen, as much detail as the he400 but none of it`s high end quirks. A little less detail than the HE-500, but more bass and high extension and much more usable.
    Comfort is very high. Though they are large they fit well.
    Using a good amplifier makes a huge difference. Other commenters complaining about lack of bass either were missing exagerated bass or used a underpowered amp An ipod won`t give you good bass. I use a Fiio E12 for travel with my ipod.
    At this level of sound quality, the recording and your source are the most important factors. Maybe the over 1000$ headphones can do better but only with the best sources.
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  2. beyerlove
    "Brilliant sound open back Tesla headphones"
    Pros - bright high, high resolution, wide soundstage
    Cons - not to be straight succesor of established DT990
    Extremely comfortable, wide sound-stage open back headphones with Tesla technology.
    The bass is not strong as that of DT990, and super-treble (above 10kHz) is not prominent as DT990,
    but still, this is excellent headphones.
    Vocal is clear, attack of drums is surprisingly vivid.
    This is not for those who looking for straight successor of DT990 series, 
    but recommended anyone who wants to enjoy pops, rock, techno with brilliant sound and wider soundstage.