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Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Velour Padded Earcushions for DT250, DT280, Sony MDR7506 and V6 Headphones (Pair)

  • Replacement original velour ear pads for beyerdynamic DT 250, DT880, DT290, may fit Sony MDR 7506, MDR V6

Recent Reviews

  1. Trevayne10
    Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Velour Ear Pads - Installed on My Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Over-Ear Headphones - Couldn't be Happier
    Written by Trevayne10
    Published May 20, 2015
    Pros - Preserves deep sub-bass & bass signature, unveils mids, & enhances high treble. Perfect Comfort, Listen for Hours on End. Ears Cool, No Sweating.
    Cons - A little on the pricey side ($25 USD on Amazon), but they're perfect.
    Transformative, in a big and positive way.  The perfect, finishing touch on my Panasonic RP-HTF600-S phones...makes them look almost high-end, and they certainly approach it, in sound.  Most impressive.
    Was skeptical about all the hype surrounding these velour pads, but now I get it. I really do. Amazing audio improvements, and hours on end comfort.
    I'm even going out on a limb here...but it's the truth:  I heard some of the reviewers here say that these Panasonic RP-HTF600-S phones are so good that they gave them chills, and almost made them weep while listening to some material. I experienced chills myself, when I first got these phones and took a listen...and about a week later, after I installed these Beyerdynamics, I can say without hyperbole that I've been repeatedly and very nearly brought to tears several times while listening to some 320 kbps streaming ambient music with these cans, equipped with the Byerdynamic velour pads installed.
    5 Stars *****
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