Beyerdynamic DTX 910 Trendline Stereo Headphone

General Information

The DTX 910 combines circumaural comfort with an unusally linear and natural soundin ultimate detail resolution. 'Nothing get in the way for enjoying music for lovers of classical music or fans of modern musical styles at the highest level of quality.

• Adjustable headband
• 90º swivelling earcup
• Open back design
• Single-sided 3 metres cable
• Ultra-soft ear pads

Color: anthracite metallic

Latest reviews

Pros: Very good sound for the price, enjoyable without EQ, open soundstage with good bass, mids and highs, lightweight, velour pads
Cons: Strange looking, plastic build, headband and earcups may be too small, indestructible but very thick cable
I owned these cans only for a few weeks then resold them.
Soundwise they are great, I only used a few dB cut in the treble region. They benefit well from a dedicated head amp. (Sense V1, Presenter 2)
In design, materials and comfort there are much better choices for home use in this price range. (Takstar HI 2050, ISK HF2010)
Hi, how would you compare the sound quality and comfort between the 910 and hf2010?
Hi Altaren, I actually own the Omnitronic SHP-600 that is a direct clone of the ISK HF2010, only the label is different. It has tremendous treble, but with -10dB cut @ 7000Hz it becomes the best bang for the buck open can in its price range. It has perfect comfort, like a Beyer DT880 Edition with oval earpads and with a slightly more clamp. It also benefits well from better DACs and AMPs. If you can adjust the EQ, don't hesitate to buy it. :)
Pros: very accurate response, tight well controlled bass, excellent midrange, and vocals, and bright, but not harsh highs
Cons: while seemingly solid, certain parts of the headband seem flimsy
The headphones come in a relatively plain, well packed box with a screw on stereo jack to mini jack adapter. No frills, just basic.
The DTX-910 is a smaller over the ear headphone with all plastic housing, and comfy velour ear pads. They adjust with plastic slider slips outward, which seem kind of flimsy, the only con to these headphones really. The cable is about 9 foot long, terminates into a gold connector, and is thick, like transatlantic cable thick, very sturdy feeling, including the junction into the left ear cup. The DTX-910 fits snug, but not vice clamping, and the earpads breathe well so the ears, and head dont get hot. The headband has a thin pad of velour padding that works well.
Onto sound. These things really wowed me. the bass can go low, and deep. It's silky smooth like a deep dark chocolate, same with the mids, they just flow. The highs are sparkly, and bright, but not harsh. Vocal control is amazing, best Ive heard so far, esp for female vocals. The sound stage is wide, and clear, with excellent instrument separation, and depth. Jurassic Park sounded amazing on them without the hollow sounding voices that many headphones cause. Plus being they can be driven very well from a ipod, or iphone without a amp. Amping of course helps with motor unit control but it's not required. Sound of course leaks out being a open back, and some sound comes in, however they isolate outside noise much better than I imagined they would.
The Beyerdynamic DTX-910 is a excellent choice for a low cost, excellent accurate headphone, with deep lows, perfect vocals, and good highs. The thick cord may inhibit portability tho, and also use good recordings with them, because they WILL make every flaw well known. Very unforgiving for low grade, and crappy music.
Any chance you could compare these with a DT990? You should description is like a DT990.
The DT990 is the DTX-910's strengths plus deeper bass, more comfy fit, and better clarity. The DT-990 has a much better build quality, from headband pad to cable.


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