Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms

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  1. MacroPower
    "The best you can get for the price."
    Pros - Very forward, tons of bass, comfortable & light, sounds very full
    Cons - Slow bass decay washes out other frequencies, very close soundstage, fatiguing to listen to for long periods
    Though these are by no means perfect headphones, their price and excellent bass make them one of the best headphones you can buy for under $200.
    These headphones are very fun to listen to. They give a very forward, full sound that completely immerses you in your music. Bass is deep and boomy, and felt a somewhat uncontrolled compared to other headphones I've owned. Treble sounds fine and there isn't much sibilance. Mids seem to be nice and flat, but can be completely washed out by the bass and treble. These are probably the most closed-sounding headphones I've owned, in that the bass sticks around for too long, recessing the mids. The soundstage is also very small, there is some positional audio, but everything always seems to be right next to your head. All of this is made worse as you turn the volume up. Isolation is fairly good, but I've heard other isolating headphones that don't display this many drawbacks.
    While these headphones are great for music, and don't take too much of a hit from bad recordings, they are awful for gaming. Okay, they're fine if you're playing a Telltale game, but start up counter-strike and it's just a big muddy mess. I don't recommend them for gaming. Again, the low frequencies quickly overwhelm everything else, and the lack of depth in the soundstage shows as well. I also don't think these are great headphones for mixing and/or mastering, because they aren't flat at all. These headphones are great and fun for music, but not a whole lot else. They are easily driven by my portable amp, and the construction makes them ideal for wearing them outside the house. The only drawback is that they're kind of large.
    These are rock solid headphones. They may not look like it, but these things are very solid. Many of the parts can be easily removed for cleaning. I never have to worry about breaking them. They are also very comfortable. I love the earpads and the headband is very nice as well. The headband can become slightly uncomfortable after a long session, but take a few minutes off and you're good to go again. The cable is a bit heavy but you get used to it after a few hours.
    Overall, don't let the cons deter you. For under $200, this is an amazing headphone.
  2. powerhouse64
    "Excellent headphones with nice sound stage and lots of detail, at an affordable price"
    Pros - Good sound stage despite closed design; very detailed; good bass with tight grip; extremely comfortable even when wearing glasses; fair price
    Cons - No replacable/plugable cable; require amp; a little low in the mids
    I've spent most of my life with open type cans. A year ago, after moving into an apartment, we decided to make some changes which necessitated me to get closed headphones. This way I would not disturb my wife and vice versa, I wouldn't be disturbed by the noise of others.
    For various reasons - price being one of them (no more than $200) - I chose the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm.
    Audio setup: CD collection ripped to flac -> Gmusicbrowser / ALSA on Linux using a bitperfect configuration -> Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card with integrated headphone amp -> DT770 (using the cards headphone amp output)
    The first impression is that they are extremely comfortable to wear, even for someone with glasses. I can sit and enjoy music or movies for hours and hours without the headphones bothering me. These are definitely the most comfortable cans I ever wore. Another bonus of the spacious over-the-ear design is that they always sit properly and don't block high frequencies etc., something I noticed when comparing them to the AKG K 142 HD on-ear headphones which require careful positioning else the highs get blocked.
    Soundwise the DT 770 Pro aren't flat - both bass and treble are a little enhanced, and the midrange a little recessed. This usually doesn't bother me, as the headphones are very musical. No matter what I play, the DT 770 reproduce the music, and not just a summary of sounds. Complex passages of classical music are clearly resolved with no effort. The sound stage is quite wide, considering the closed design.
    Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong come alive on Gershwins "Porgy & Bess" recording. Rachelle Ferrell on "First Instrument" is powerful and detailed. Montserrat Caballe's "Puccini Arias" are a joy to listen to.
    With modern music the DT 770 are capable of delivering a nice punch in the bass and sweet highs without sounding harsh, even at concert volume levels.
    Jazz tracks such as Lew Tabackins "Tenority" are played with authority, so is Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" (the remastered "Gold" CD).
    Is the DT 770 Pro perfect? No! It's recessed mids are clearly noticeable. But the DT 770 has a musical signature that makes it worth auditioning.
    I'm also using the DT 770 in my home theatre where it's driven by an Audiolab 8000A. The closed design and great audio quality lets me immerse into the movies, without getting on the nerves of my neighbours.
    Would I recommend the DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm? For use in a system with a headphone amp - yes!
  3. MarvyMarvy
    "Audiophile headphones at an affordable price"
    Pros - Wide soundstage, extremely comfortable, blocks out sound, people can't hear your music, very durable, good for all music, best allrounders under 500$
    Cons - heavy cord, you will need a good source to get the best out of these.
    I am completely re-doing my review on these headphones because I think that these cans deserve it!
    I would say that the beyerdynamic dt770 pro 250 ohm are the best closed back headphones under 500$ or even perhaps 1000$ if you have a good enough source to bring out their full potential.  I say this because these headphones offer a true uncolored sound that stays truthful thoughtout the whole frequency response.  Nothing is boosted in any way but these are tuned to deliver a completely flat response with little to no distortion.
    Bass : The bass is strong, tight, controlled, and does not get boomy or muddy unless the song itself is not properly recorded.  You will not hear bass this good in a 180$ dollar headphone. The sub bass is the best I've ever heard yet.  It is well extended and very present with a satisfying rumble that can please a basshead.  The quality and quantity are both good and could satisfy anyone.
    Mids : Not ressesed at all but the mids are full and lush with a lovely separation of instruments and live sound that gives the music energy and punch.  Also super clear with good resolution and definition that gives you everything in the song.
    Highs : a little on the soft and dark side but very smooth and plentiful.  Some might want a warmer sound or even a brighter sound but you will love how easy it is to listen to these cans.
    Soundstage : The soundstage is super wide and has amazing instrument separation for a closed back.  These do not sound like it's in your head but the music surrounds you and sounds very realistic.
    Comfort : The comfort of these headphones is on par with the hd800s.  Which are some of the most comfortable in the world to date along with the Philips Fidelio x1.
    Durability : These are made with metal and high quality plastic that will last a lifetime.
  4. sixly
    "For The Price These Are Brilliant All-Rounders."
    Pros - Every type of music that comes out of these sounds very good. Period. Maybe not perfect, but it performs extremely well regardless.
    Cons - Struggles with the very low and very high end of the frequency spectrum at times. Very rarely. Price if not on sale.
    If you are like me and listen to a wide variety of music then look no further than the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO.  God bless the Germans.  Top quality construction and sounds brilliant across a broad range of musical genres.  Great price on Amazon to top it all off.  Couldn't be happier.
  5. jcagara08
    "bang of buck set of cans"
    Pros - Price - Build Quality - Sound - Customizable
    Cons - higher impedance (mid range) needs a decent amp/dac and source
    I won mine at an eBay auction, slightly used and all reviews really live up to the fullest except for some over hyped cans which I have also tested before I decided to have this set.
    So to presume mine has already burned in, was thinking of making it as my main home rig but I need to find a decent amp to unleash its might wherein my Fiio E17 couldn't contrary to the rave of this combo. I am using it mainly as a gaming headset as I have a very sluggish laptop and it takes a while set this baby up. I use it with my xbox - analog optical audio adapter - optical cable to the fiio e17 and finally this DT Pro 770 Pro and I could say it really has a solid performance, always I am on MW3 multiplayer and I could accurately hear footsteps and help me with better killstreaks.
    As for my LAPTOP/PC audio setup I use foobar+asio fiio drivers+e17 and I could say it sounded neutral (punch and sparkle eq setting). I need to have me a decent amp to make a final conclusion. Will definitely recommend to everyone looking for a pro sounding all around over the ear headphones. Will update soon with better details
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  6. sebkurnia
    "Solid Cans"
    Pros - Pretty big soundstage for closed back. Tight, punchy bass, nice highs, super comfortable. Good bang for buck.
    Cons - Mids are a bit neglected, cable is integrated
    I just got my pair, and I can say that it was well worth the money I paid for it. I have a homemade discrete amp to drive them which makes everything sound brilliant. Of course, that's what is needed to drive the 250 Ohm versions but I guess a portable amp will just barely do the trick.
    For the price, I would say that these cans are worth the money as they have a pretty astounding soundstage for closed-back after I compared them to a pair of Sennheiser HD 650s that my friend has. In addition, the build quality is superb and it seems that they can withstand a couple of kicks or drops in their lifetime. 
    Good if you're a starting audiophile like me, well worth the money in both terms of sound and build quality.
  7. LordOctron
    "Very nice allrounders"
    Pros - Very comfy / Overall good sound quality / Nice lows / Price
    Cons - No significant cons
    Overall good sounding. My DT880 might sound somewhat more refined in the mids and highs, but in the lows and especially in the low-lows the DT770 beat em. They are probably my 2nd favorite closed headphone, right after my beloved Denon AH-D2000 (which seem to outperform all other headphones I tried). I think it's a good idea to EQ this cans, by slightly raising the mids and minimally taming the highs you can really improve the sound of this cans.
    The DT770/880/990 Pro are the most comfortable cans i tried, thumbs up!
    Try em! It's simple as that...
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  8. taylorsethe
    "Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms"
    Pros - Amazing sound stage for closed back, The frequency range on these is very impressive, they have great tight bass, clear mids, and pretty nice highs.
    Cons - Integrated cable
    I've only had a few hours to burn these in, but so far I am extremely impressed. As of now I have the FiiO E6 amp to drive them, and it pushes them better than I expected. Being that these are 250 Ohm there aren't many portable amps that can do these cans justice. They frequency range is what I'm most impressed with 5Hz-35000Hz. They provide bass if you want it, and it is pretty clean and tight. The mids are very enjoyable, and I believe the highs to be pretty good too. Overall these headphones are great, especially for their value. [​IMG]
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  9. Visual
    "Best $150 spent on cans"
    Pros - Too many to list
    Cons - Cable
    Set up for review:
    IPOD Classic 6th gen
    Electric Avenue PA2V2 amp
    WAV Files only.
    Brilliant sound from closed cans for the price
    Build Quality is top notch
    Sounds great with various genres (Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop)
    Not a fan of the cable. Would prefer a straight cable
    Need to know:
    These really need an amp for portable use.
  10. Chasefooo
    "Mega Impressed"
    Pros - Exelent Bass response and mids. As comforatable as wearing a dead lamb on your head.
    Cons - highs are a tad light, bass ever so slightly muddled in the extreames.
    Great, Definatly need burning in to help with the highs. Nice soundstage for closed. So mother lovin comfortable. Perfect pair with a Hi-FiMan EF-2A Dac/Amp.