Beat Audio Signal

  1. mrazik
    Signal, that is it
    Written by mrazik
    Published Apr 21, 2017
    Pros - Look, processing, sound improvement
    Cons - For some it could be price
    Today I would like to share with you my recent experiences with Beat Audio and their two cables. I purchased these cables for my own money, but when I mentioned to Beat Audio, that I like to write reviews about their products, I got offered nice discount and I´m grateful for Beat Audio ( ) generosity. Anyway I´m not attached to any audio brand and all I do write are my own impressions and honest opinions.
    Before I ordered cables form BA I was looking for some decent silver or hybrid cable which add a bit sparkle to my current earphones – Custom Art Ei.3. These are mine first custom made earphones and I mentioned that few times, that I´m more than happy with sound, fit, isolation. Only my desire to try new things and curiosity lead me to try find best fitting cable. I got my eye on Beat Audio for some time already, so I decide to start my hunt there.
    Beat Audio is on the market from 2006 and they have in their portfolio aftermarket cables for headphones and for earphones. I´m not kind of big headphones guy, so I omit this part in general and I paid my attention only to IEM cables. At this moment there is 10 products offered by BA with price tags from 199USD up to 1.899USD. I directed my attention on two models located in the middle of BA portfolio. One cable is made from silver and is called SIGNAL, other one is made from copper and is called Vermilion.
    Signal conductors are made from high purity silver with adding mixture of rare metals to achieve best performance to conduct signal from your player in to your earphones. SIGNAL is four braided cable in black plastic sleeve. Cable is very soft, flexible with no any inclination to tangle at all. Both termination are custom made under BA brand and they are made perfectly without any visible flows. Generally is quality of processing one of highest I ever seen. Another good news is that cable not suffer from noise, collected by its sleeve. BA are not using memory wire, but ear guide is pre-shaped and is stiffened by another plastic transparent sleeve. In fact is this way much more comfortable and fit is very safe. Y split is simple, it is only small cylinder with brand logo. Termination for earphones can be choose from various types for most common earphones. Navigation on AB site is very simple and there is no danger, that anyone will choose wrong one. Same is for DAP termination, various choices of most common jacks single ended or balanced, 2,5mm, 3,5mm, whatever one can need or desire.
    Sound, how it sound? Signal is for sure nice and high quality cable which on top of that add decent sound improvement. Both BA tested cables sound very open, with wide sound stage and very decent resolution. Signal add to all of that impact on low end and sparkle on top end, overall sound is richer and vivid. Signal fulfilled my expectation and give to my CA Ei.3 more liveliness and airiness and made low end more cultivated and precise.
    Is all of that worth of asking price 349USD? Well, in my opinion stock cables are not best you can get with your earphones and that is especially valid, when you spent 500USD+ for your IEM or CIEM. So if you be looking for some nice and sound improving replacement, than Beat Audio should be on your list. BA cables are good looking, very well made, comfortable, flexible and in wide range of offered models should be every one of you able to find right cable to improve sound performance of your earphones.