Baldoor EarBell E100

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  1. BenF
    "Excellent earbud with a balanced sound"
    Pros - Build quality is great, sound quality exceeds >100$ earbuds.
    Cons - None
    This review is about E100 MK1, currently not available anymore.
    All E100 and E100A sold after mid-2015 are MK2 and MK3 - however they are not marked as such.

    This earbud caught my eye because I thought it was the most beautiful earbud ever.
    I bought it purely for its looks, didn't have high expectation for the sound.

    Build Quality:
    When I received it, it looked more plastick-y than in the pictures, but still very beautiful.
    It also came with 3 pairs of doughnut foams - a rarity these days.
    The build quality is great, cable and plug are very good.
    Cable is totally non-microphonic, best cable I ever seen.

    They look quite large, but I didn't experience any fit issues.
    Due to their shape, they can't be pointed directly into the ear canal, but even angling them a little makes a lot of difference.

    Sound Quality:
    I listened to it out of the box - and was pleasantly surprised. It was clear this would be a top contender. I've burned them for a couple of days, and enjoyed them for the last few weeks.

    Baldoor did a great job tuning these - very balanced and clear. They sound practically identical to TG-JL1.
    At first, I thought it was another incarnation of TG-JL1, but it seems to have a single diaphragm.
    I would say that these are 95% of TG-JL1. Not sure if I could tell them apart in a blind A/B session.
    Compared to Yuin PK1, the EarBell has a bit more bass, lusher mids and less bright (although well extended) highs.

    The price on Amazon and eBay for US head-fiers is 15-16$ shipped, non-US members can buy on Aliexpress at 18.99$ shipped.

    There is also the version with a microphone at 25.6$ shipped, but I don't know if it sounds as good. Introduction of additional circuitry often decreases SQ.

    At 15-20$ (depending on your location) this is an excellent balanced earbud - a very rare occasion. Most earbuds in this group sound veiled and boring - but not E100.
    The discussion/impressions thread is here:

    My current earbud ratings are
    TG-38S = TG-JL1 > E100 > BE5 > PK1 > M760 > M1 >= ANV3SE > PK2 = ANV3 > M2C > M3 > ES10 > AP8
    Or in terms everyone can understand
    16$ = 31$ > 19$ > 95$ > 160$ > 26$ > 15$ >= 100$ > 80$ = 70$ > 50$ > 13$ > 6$ > 12$
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