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Baldoor EarBell E100 MK1

  1. aaDee
    The true "Budget King"
    Written by aaDee
    Published Aug 18, 2014
    Pros - Fuller Bass, Sweet vocals, clear highs, non-sibilant, non-fatiguing
    Cons - Lack of accessaries( May not be a con for everyone)
    In the ultimate search for budget earbuds I had read hell lot of reviews about so many Chinese manufacturers & DIY products. I was never convinced about so many over-hyped earbuds as they all had mixed reviews. So I decided to go for the one that looks better and had the least number of opinions. I thank god I came across these gems in true sense.
    Searched through Aliexpress.com for the cheapest option available(Also received discount for ordering through Android app). I received them after almost 15-18 days(long wait for an impatient person like me). And what a disappointment...there was channel imbalance, scratches on the body. Left speaker was rattling and had low volume. I reported immediately to the seller with the pictures. And without waiting much he promised me to send new product without sending the original back(shipping charges are more than the product value in India). And after a long long wait(almost 40 days) I finally received them with new packaging, this time rebranded as "Mrice Earbell E100"
    Build quality:-
    They look fabulous for an earbud. Clean white, shiny surface gives you an impression of high quality material. The triangular wire is the best thing I found about these. Its super flexible, very very light weight and still you feel its gonna last long. I wish every headphone manufacturer should use similar material for cabling.
    Fit & comfort:-
    Fit is good but not perfect. You need to angle them inside to get the perfect sound. And adjusting them is not easy as there is nothing to hold on its body but the nose of the earbell. It took me time to get the better fit. But the major drawback is that there is no clip to it. Also you cannot use any other clip on it because of the triangular shape of the wire.
    Bass is just awesome and of very high quality. It goes deep but never rumbles. It never sounds muddy or bloated. Its present there all over the sound spectrum with right amount. They are not bass heavy but what I hear is never heard in any of my headphones till date. Lows are quite sweet to my ears. They have their own room, its spacious and huge.
    Vocals sound so natural to my ears. E100 are definitely mid centric earbuds. Vocals are clear, thick, airy and still sound so sweet just what you expect from a song.
    Highs are clear as well. They have round edged to them. It literally feels like tickle in your ears. They are soft and sweet. They never sound harsh or sibilant on any track. These are the most non-fatiguing earphones I came across. I just wish that they had more room to them. They sound quite close to your head. They sound a tad tiny compared to lows and mids.Though its not a complaint. E100 may not be the most detailed but they are very very musical earbuds indeed.
    The soundstage is good but not very wide. Especially if your ears are tuned for bigger soundstage(like me having RE262) you start comparing obviously. But it would be too much to ask from a $15 earbud. No I'm not under estimating them but being practical.
    To conclude E100 are superbly balanced and very natural sounding earbuds out there. Bass is big enough to please any genre of music. Mids sound so real, thick and clear, I can hear the singer's breath at times. Highs are very clear, non-sibilant and never fatiguing. It has to be the most satisfying purchase ever. Its a must have earbud to all the head-fiers. Highly recommended.




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    2. aaDee
      Fit could be problem for small ears, luckily or unluckily I have big ears :wink:
      aaDee, Aug 18, 2014
    3. aaDee
      aaDee, Aug 18, 2014
    4. sbose
      where did you get this from?
      sbose, Jun 8, 2015
  2. BenF
    Excellent earbud with a balanced sound
    Written by BenF
    Published Jun 27, 2014
    Pros - Build quality is great, sound quality exceeds >100$ earbuds.
    Cons - None
    This review is about E100 MK1, currently not available anymore.
    All E100 and E100A sold after mid-2015 are MK2 and MK3 - however they are not marked as such.

    This earbud caught my eye because I thought it was the most beautiful earbud ever.
    I bought it purely for its looks, didn't have high expectation for the sound.

    Build Quality:
    When I received it, it looked more plastick-y than in the pictures, but still very beautiful.
    It also came with 3 pairs of doughnut foams - a rarity these days.
    The build quality is great, cable and plug are very good.
    Cable is totally non-microphonic, best cable I ever seen.

    They look quite large, but I didn't experience any fit issues.
    Due to their shape, they can't be pointed directly into the ear canal, but even angling them a little makes a lot of difference.

    Sound Quality:
    I listened to it out of the box - and was pleasantly surprised. It was clear this would be a top contender. I've burned them for a couple of days, and enjoyed them for the last few weeks.

    Baldoor did a great job tuning these - very balanced and clear. They sound practically identical to TG-JL1.
    At first, I thought it was another incarnation of TG-JL1, but it seems to have a single diaphragm.
    I would say that these are 95% of TG-JL1. Not sure if I could tell them apart in a blind A/B session.
    Compared to Yuin PK1, the EarBell has a bit more bass, lusher mids and less bright (although well extended) highs.

    The price on Amazon and eBay for US head-fiers is 15-16$ shipped, non-US members can buy on Aliexpress at 18.99$ shipped.

    There is also the version with a microphone at 25.6$ shipped, but I don't know if it sounds as good. Introduction of additional circuitry often decreases SQ.

    At 15-20$ (depending on your location) this is an excellent balanced earbud - a very rare occasion. Most earbuds in this group sound veiled and boring - but not E100.
    The discussion/impressions thread is here:

    My current earbud ratings are
    TG-38S = TG-JL1 > E100 > BE5 > PK1 > M760 > M1 >= ANV3SE > PK2 = ANV3 > M2C > M3 > ES10 > AP8
    Or in terms everyone can understand
    16$ = 31$ > 19$ > 95$ > 160$ > 26$ > 15$ >= 100$ > 80$ = 70$ > 50$ > 13$ > 6$ > 12$
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    2. aaDee
      soundstage is very narrow, isnt it BenF?
      aaDee, Jul 31, 2014
    3. HotSoup
      I have a pair of $60 Sony MDR-EX310, would it be worth buying these or is the pair I have better? From the high praise I am very interested in hearing these, but I'm on a very tight budget(plenty of other gear I am looking at).
      HotSoup, Aug 23, 2014
    4. blackbelt730
      The Amazon link appears to be broken and there are multiple sellers with these under different names. Which one should I get? Please give an Amazon link and a description of how to get these to actually fit in your ear.
      blackbelt730, Apr 20, 2016