Reviews by wiiman17


New Head-Fier
Pros: Pretty much everything from sound to comfort.
Cons: Non thus far.
After owning a pair of Shure's previous model in-ears the SE-530's that were very impressive (apart from the non detatchable cable),I was thinking these new phones were going to have a hard time following my previous pair,I did order a pair of the more expensive Sennheiser IE 800's but thought they were pretty overpriced for their sound quality and overall design flaws.
The new Shure's are an absolute revelation in terms of both build and sound quality,even on the very first listen with no burn-in they instantly impress in terms of balance and overall soundstage,the previous issues with the 530's ie the cable having it's core exposed will not be as much as an issue with the newer models detatchable cable,although I do not expect as much of an issue this time as the overall build quality seems much better.
To round this off I got a great part exchange deal from Shure for my older phones and in total the new 535'S only costed me around £200,when ordering them the very helpful guy at shure said the "Clear" colour 535's had a more sturdy cable (not sure if this is true) but I was opting for that design anyway.