Reviews by theuprising


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great sub-bass, very detailed, good 3d-positioning and separation, comfortable, build quality
Cons: Comfort for some, not a very wide soundstage
I wrote a really long review for these, but the settings on my PC made me give unwarranted criticism towards this headphone. Seriously, for $45-55 on Amazon, these things are a steal. I'm still taken aback by the all-metal build quality of this thing compared to more expensive headphones. Very linear response other than the boosted sub bass. Its bass is outright incredible, not overblown, but it gets the fundamentals really good. You can hear things like the pressure of a viola's bow on the string or the punch of a guitar strum. The mid-bass is not boosted, but these take bass boosts like a champ, its bass is really well done. Its mids are also very present, linear, and detailed.
On the downside, its treble, albeit detailed, is very dry, has the most distortion, and responds the least well to EQ, and its soundstage isn't the widest in the world, although it has good instrument separation and 3d positioning. But really, for $50 you shouldn't expect the world. This little off-brand hp can stand up to some hp's up to 3 times its price however. Really if you have a sub $150 budget, these are outstanding unless you want the aesthetics or name-brand or something.
Hells ya man....put the HM5 pads on these and you got BOSS cans for the money. I prefer these to my now sold DT770's.