Reviews by Szadzik


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Soundstage, transparency, details.
Cons: Weigt and size when considering portability.
I will see how these perorm in the long run.
I have had these for a few months now with a few hundred hours on them too. I use them with Meier Audio Stepdance portable amp and my laptop - a DAC to be purchased.
I have to say that in the beginning I was realy overwhelmed by the brightness of these phones. Stepdance did help with that though, and a lot. After around a hunder hours the harsh brightness disappeared, at least partially and now these are great phones. 
They are extremely detailed and transparent. They provide great sound stage with good positioning - especially for a closed headphone. 
The only grape for some might be the bass - it is not very heavy and really only is there if you use a good amp like Stepdance. 
They provide quite good isolation - just enough for portable use. They have a bit of clamp, but if stretched a bit become very comfortable - if not tiny bit heavy. 
I would not suggest using these without a nice portable amp.