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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Sound quality, strength of construction and ease of wear.
Cons: Finding the right tips and filters to suit personal physiology.
This is my first review, and as such, it will be brief and based on personal use only. I had been looking for an upgrade to my Shure SE215 iem's and had looked at the RHA website, the Shure SE535 reviews, as well as a multitude of other manufacturers. For the newbie, the range of iem's is staggering and so much more complex than over the ear headphones; especially, if like me you have quite small ear canals and very rigid ear architecture.
In the end, having read as much as possible and thought about why I needed a new pair, I tried to ignore the issue and carried on reading my favourite threads. Which was lucky as I happened across the RHA T10 launch thread, with the chance to win a pair of the new iem's. This was fate intervening I thought, so I entered and didn't win; but, it did help me make up my mind and a pair was soon on order.
They arrived in a very impressive package and came with lots of goodies, that both increased my enjoyment and initial bafflement! Initially I used the reference filters with the smallest flange tips, which gave a very positive sound when I achieved the proper fit, but it was a little hit and miss and at times left me a little frustrated when I moved and lost the sound that I wanted. This went on for a while, until almost at the point of dismissing them as not for me, I tried them with the foam tips that I had originally dismissed as being too big.
Wow! all of a sudden I had the seal I needed to let the T10's sing, music came alive, soundstage was realised and big smiles became the norm. However, it also made me realise that the reference filter was not for me, so I switched to the treble filter and that is where I am staying at the moment.
It doesn't matter whether I use my Colorfly C4, the Fiio X5 or my IRiver HD140, amped, or straight from the HP out, they sound full and rich without being bombastic. I listen to a range of music from the guitar and voice of Billy Bragg, to the histrionics of The Who at full chatter and I need and want iem's that can keep up with me and the music, and I think that I have found them in the RHA T10.
Thank you for reading.
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