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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Separate channel gains
Full work day battery life
Very small and portable
Hardware EQ
AAC / LDAC / aptX
Cons: Crossfeed (preference?)
Incredibly tiny hard to use buttons
Frequent BT disconnects after several weeks
At first I really really really disliked this unit’s sound output and would describe it as precise and yet “lifeless” and “hollow”.

However, after TURNING OFF the crossfeed setting, music like Massive Attack’s Mezzanine and Bjork’s Family or Notget once again sound energetic and live. These songs already have lots of selective crossfeed and keeping the remaining separation sounds soo much better to me.

Now I can say that the output is at least as “fun” to listen to as standard iPhone 6 SE output. It is also more clear/detailed, especially in higher frequencies.

The hardware EQ is ‘cool’ but I leave it off as I trust source and Noble K10U IEMs to take care of managing the sound.

The BT started to frequently disconnect after several weeks of use, and it only has use as a BT receiver so such is disappointing. It seems to disconnect less after being left off / ignored for several days..

I found the ability to adjust the channel gains separately useful as my left ear is less sensitive. Exposing the hardware-based EQ is a nice concept and iOS functioned well-enough. However this does not offset my dislike for the sound output.
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