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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Sweet vocals , balanced sound, superb built quality
Cons: A little long ear canal part
This is the first review i am going to do on head fi . Firstly i am just a junior teenage audiophile so ya my review might be slightly inaccurate , just slightly. These Unique Melody mages have 4 balanced armature drivers in them, 2 lows 1 high and 1 mid. Now i will start of with build quality.
Build quality:
The build quality is superb i can say! When i compared it with my friend's jh 16 freqphase i foind that the mages build quality was better. There are absolutely no bubbles and the shell is seamless.
Fit,comfort and isolation:
For me, the fit is perfect! It exactly fills up my whole ear, the only tiny problem i had was that the part sticking into the ear canal is abit on the long side. But once you have gotten used to it then it is super comfortable. And, only when you smile very widely then the seal may break but once your mouth position is back to normal again the seal comes back :). Isolation for the Mages are superb i must say(maybe it is because this are my first ciems) on my note 3, i just have to the the volume up 3 times from the least to block out all ambient noise.
Sound quality:
Now this is what i like most about the mages. The sound is perfect for me, no frequencies muddled the other frequencies. The vocals sound very very sweet on these, so if you listen to female vocalists alot then you will love these. The bass is also there, although this is what i can call strong powerful bass like my vmoda m100s, i can say that the bass on this is just enough, not too overwhelming nor too weak. The highs are not peaky on this, cymbals in rock genres crash nicely without "overtaking" the guitars and vocals.Overall i like this sound and have come to appreciate how nice music can actually sound through these.
There is a very wide soundstage for the Mages. I was very surprised when i first heard these as i thought that only full sized headphones could have soundstages so wide. When i listened to linkin park performing live, i could imagin where each instrument was even without looking at the video! Instrument seperation is also very good!
To sum up, i think these are a very nice and well valued pair of headphones, these have 4 balanced armature drivers and only cost 600 dollars! The built quality and finish is superb and the sound quality is woah man amazing! I think this are quite underated headphones just because they are not at the top of Unique melody's line. And also that unique melody is not such a well known brand. If you want a very good pair of customs at a very good price, do not hesitate and get the Unique Melody Mages!!!!
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I am having a headache choosing Merlin Or Mage i listen to female vocal alots Asian artists and piano song
Thank you! Hmm. Judging from you preferences you should get the Mages! IMHO
I too am considering these and the Merlins.
I listen to Rock, Female Vocals, Acoustic Rock (Alice in Chains live MTV for example), but I also listen to electronic in the likes of Daft Punk.
I listen to some metalcore like Lamb Of God also so I am torn.