Reviews by Heitek


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Stylish, Comfortable Headband, Deep and Vibrant Bass
Cons: Bit of Clamping Force, Fair Earpads, Not Much Treble
Remember that this review is only about 30 minutes into the headphones. I will divide the review into 3 parts. Sound, Comfort, and Style. Lastly, I will end with a paragraph-long overview.


The sound on these is excellent, but not superior. I'd say they're mostly fit for Dubstep, Techno, House, and Electronica in general. These would be a dreamhouse for a person who listens to Trap all the time. The bass is exactly as V-MODA advertised it. "Low, Vibrant Bass", which is great for people who are half-bassheads. The bass isn't really in your face, it's just really noticeable. I'm not sure about the mids, since I don't exactly know much about them. I suppose their there, but slightly recessed. The treble is also slightly recessed, but I think a little natural burn-in would shine these bad boys. Overall, the sound is excellent. 4/5


The comfort on these is great. I'd say the comfort is good, but not excellent. The headband is nicely padded, not much discomfort on those (except you'll probably have to take them off once every hour). The earpads are great, but slightly undersized. The whole build on the comfort is nicely installed and advertised. 4/5


These babes will literally turn heads automatically. The shields shine really good, and very metallicly. The oval-shape of the earcups are very nice, it makes your ear fit great. Overall, the style is very detailed and very nice. 5/5



Overall, these headphones will please people who are looking for the first step in high-quality music. If you are coming from the SkullCandy Hesh 2's (Like I am), you will be very impressed with these bad boys. I'll give these phones a 4.5/5.

-Your Caneivor, Heitek :p
Nice review, I agree with each of your points.
Worth adding, though, the utility plusses of having two interchangable cables, the durability, the case (I took out one of the velcro accessories pouches, and could fit my iPod inside for safe keeping), interchangable shields. These are easy to live with and personalize. Once you've got those plusses, you start to take them for granted though, haha. I misplaced mine...