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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Good tonal balance and bass
Cons: Slightly veiled sound
I used these cans direct from my MacBook Air 11.6" headphone jack. I played lossless songs using Amarra + iTunes. Very noticeable is the deep full bass and spaciousness. While obviously slightly veiled, the music was very pleasant. The tonal balance across the spectrum has good balance. Nothing really jumps at you in terms of presence. The bass slam and percussive attacks are a bit weak. Snare drums and cow bells tend to be drowned out. What I hear is a pleasant non fatiguing sound from the most delicate of recordings. Overall this headphone falls in the bang for buck category. For the sound quality most mp3 files and portable audio players can give, these cans are more than capable. For better systems, don't be to critical when you use these. Just enjoy the music.
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