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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Lot of bass
Very light on head
Plenty of detail in sound
The price
Cons: Bass - for people who do not like lots of bass!
Status SAHD1-BT Headphones

This is the first review that I have ever written, therefore I’m certainly not a professional writer! Justin from sent me a message on Head-fi asking if I’d be interested to give them a try and give my opinion. I jumped on the chance as BT headphones wise, I only own the Sony WH-1000XM3. The Sony’s are -as is well known- very good, especially for their noise cancelling ability and comfort. They are over-ear and are therefore quite a bit bigger and bulkier than these on ear SAHD1-BT. Also, the status headphones are less than half the price of the Sony's. Anyhow…

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The package arrived very well wrapped in the post a few days after talking to Justin. Once opened, I instantly noticed that they come in quite a premium little case that definitely seems above its price point. Inside this case are the neatly folded headphones, USB C charging cable, 3.5 headphones cable and paperwork. This is a very well presented complete package and competes with far more expensive models.


The headphones themselves have a sturdy, sleek metal build with some very comfy leather like ear cushions and headband padding. This is obviously a very important feature for on ear headphones or they would feel very uncomfortable rather quickly. After doing some research on the web, I discovered that they come in two colours, black and the brown and pewter combination that I received. They also have a 40 mm driver and are closed back.


These headphones are exceptionally easy to pair up with your phone. Once I switched Bluetooth on in my phone settings (oneplus6) all that I had to do was slide the on button which is located on the side of one of the headphones, and it connected straight away. There is no software to install, so it’s literally switch on and use. These headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 and from use there was no cut outs at all even when I walked to the other side of my office from the phone. I did not need to charge them for a very long time as these have a 30hrs battery life, so it basically almost covered my weeks in work music listening.

Talking of work, they are incredibly good for work as they are very light and comfy and unlike my Sony’s have no noise cancelling. This allowed me to still hear if colleagues wanted my attention and less risk of being ran over on the walk to work! They are also very small and compact and are perfect for packing in your bag and using in a portable manner.


Reading their description on status website they state “We’ve brought the warmth and authenticity of the analogue connection into the wireless universe. The BT One is tuned for depth, punch, and accuracy.” I’d have to agree with what they’ve written.

The first thing I noticed while listening to Wiz Khalifa – on my level is that these cans have some of the best bass I’ve heard from on ear cans. The bass is very deep and punchy and is so much fun to listen to, but the highs are also very good. I’m getting the impression of a slight u-shaped sound as the vocals are slightly behind the music, but this for me is a desirable for a portable set.

They are however not just great for hip hop as I also listened to some Miles Davis (Blue in Green), where I heard some sounds in the background I’d not picked up before with other sets. Of course the bass sounded incredible where I could literally hear the bass strings being plucked.

I’m also a fan of metal bands such as Mayhem, where with some headphones the low quality raw recordings can sound bad and very sibilant. That problem does not exist with these, I could comfortably listen to black and death metal for hours with the studio bt headphones. They also keep up well and give plenty of detail to tech metal bands such as Nile. No detail is lost but most importantly they are just very enjoyable to listen with.


Thanks for reading a novice reviewers ramblings, but I strive to improve over time! This is a simple conclusion. These headphones have got very well-tuned drivers and are absolutely perfect for what they set out to do. A highly portable set that are perfect for listening while out walking or sat at a desk at work. Literally the best bass I’ve heard from an on-ear set let alone a wireless one. They are not a reference set for analytical listening but a set for just enjoying your music while out of the house. Another good thing, they are below £100. What are you waiting for?!
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