Reviews by DrSeven


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: overall sound quality, clarity, detail, mids, soundstage and separation, extreme comfort, good cable
Cons: little sibilant in the beginning, some fragile parts, maybe too bright for some people
Sennheiser HD 700
At the moment I unfortunately have no time to write a complete review. So my apologies for that but I'm going to finish this review as soon as I can
Low pitch: 4/5
maybe not enough bass for the bass heads but for my taste just enough -and whats more important- HQ bass
Medium pitch: 5/5
absolutely stunning! near perfection IMO
High pitch: 4/5
a little harsh in the beginning but after some time (burning in or getting used to them) I really think the highs sound great
Well I like it ...also they are not as big as for example the HD800 and LCD 2/3 what I think is good 
Most comfy cans Ive ever had I can wear them for hours without any discomfort
I think they are not that overpriced and you get pretty good cans for your money 
I compared them to some cans ( to name only some: Shure SHR1840, AKG K 701, Sennheiser HD 650, Denon AH-D 7100,..) and I always ended up with the HD700 as the for my taste most euphonic headphone (dunno why but esp. when paired with a colorfly c4 player)
So I can absolutely recommend them for most genres (except maybe Hip Hop) and I think they are great all-rounders