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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Natural 3D rendering of the performance and the performers. deep detailed bass.
Cons: Not extremely comfortable to wear, at least initially
Immediately, when I put the Audeze LCD-2 on my head, I wasn't floored by the sound. Rather, as my head felt squeezed by a tight clamping force, I was wondering where all the excessive air had gone, that I was used to from the LCD-1. I also missed the pleasantly colored mids of my Yamaha orthodynamic headphone (that I had just sold). But, the LCD-2 have been growing on me for the last week, and the clamp has been softened up, while the pads have gotten more comfy. (To be honest, the initial clamping force is no worse than the terrible clamp of a new Sennheiser HD580)
So, during my time off during the week, I have been enjoying some of my favorite music, on two setups, that are probably unworthy of the LCD-2.

Setup 1: Old Pioneer CD player -> MF XcanV3 hybrid tube headphone amplifier with pinkie psu
Setup 2: Arcam CD73 player -> Old Pioneer A-449 Power amplifier.

Initially, I thought the best thing about the LCD-2 was the deep, yet detailed bass. It was also the most striking difference coming the LCD-2, and the Sennheiser HD580.

But the best part of the LCD-2 to me is how each instrument sounds so natural, and is presented in its own place, in a 3D space. Each instrument and performer can be heard clearly, and yet the music is a whole performance. It is a distinct image, that does not call undue attention to itself. It's unlike the HD800, where at first listen I thought, wow, those instruments and people are far apart on a wide stage.
Listening to the screw Buttons - Bright tomorrow, the deep bass track, like heart beats, is heard clearly despite being placed in the same spot, in the middle, as the melodic noise track. The HD580 in contrast, could not convey the deep bass sufficiently, making the song unengaging. The same goes for Luomo - the present lover, which needs the deep bass drums to balance the soft song and bright instruments.
However, listening to an old time favorite of mine, Infinity, by Guru Josh, I noticed that some ambient sounds were lower in volume than I was used to. I am honestly not sure wether the sounds were amplified by the LCD1, or if they are held back by the LCD2 (or by the gear I use with it).
I also found the LCD2 to be almost unlistenable when I routed the headphone out of a mac laptop through the xcan. The flaws of the soundcard just ruined the experience like with no other can I have tried, except maybe the old Toshiba HR-X1 electret I used to have.

To sum up, I am really enjoying my music through the LCD-2, even on my more modest setup compared to what some other people here have.



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