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Pros: Open mic, pausing when removed, callers can hear well, multi-device pairing.
Cons: NC hiss, clunky design, artificial sounding, bass heavy.
The source is the Samsung Note 4. The firmware was updated, but that didn't help these cans much. The bass is bloated, and they have an artificial, forward sound that I don’t like at all. No sense of airiness and the instruments are indistinct in space. I suspect long sessions would give me listening fatigue and even a headache, though I dare not try finding out. The worst sound I've tried so far. (Pendulumic Stance S1+, Jabra Revo Wireless, MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62). The Jabras were very lean sounding and quite boring; the Stance sounded good but no NC and quality issues; the Matrix2 had very poor noise isolation and lots of skipping.)
The NC was okay but not great, and they introduced an electronic hiss into the headphones. Not noticeable when listening to music, but very much so when not.
They do pause Netflix, Plex, or anything else my Note 4 is playing when they are removed, the restart when putting them back on. That’s a very nice feature, one that works surprisingly well.
I primarily listen to easy listening alternative music, such as Mackintosh Braun and Mimicking Birds. My ears are very sensitive, so much so that I once ran an experiment by flipping the three tip-toe cones upside down located underneath my Bel Canto amplifier and heard the difference in sound signature (made it more forward). My girlfriend heard it too, and asked me what I changed. (I didn't tell her until after; she was astonished.) Those looking for rock cans or something with a harder sound might actually like these BBP.
The BBP seem to be built reasonably well but they’re large, clunky, and the ear cups don’t rotate. My old Sennheiser MM 550s were very light and traveled well so perhaps this spoiled me. 
Of course they’re going back, but I made a phone call just to see how they perform in calling mode. The mic is open which is good so I can hear myself speak (unlike the Stance; a mind-numbing design choice). Callers claim they can hear me as well as if I was talking into the phone.
Alright, so I’m fickle and neurotic. When I go into Starbucks and order a hot chocolate, I say, “I’d like a neurotic hot chocolate.” When the barista looks at me quizzically, I follow up with, “That means get your pen ready.”


Pros: Great sound at any price, but especially at $200.
Cons: Build quality lacking, no open mic, no noise cancellation and poor sound isolation, can't hear oneself speak on the phone, single-pairing only.
My Amazon Review:
I've owned many pieces of high end home audio over the years. Brands like Dali, Audio Research, Krell, Melos, and others. I expect a lot from my gear. In this case, one of the requirements was Bluetooth audio so that I could go wireless. With the advent of Aptx, Bluetooth has come a very long way, to the point where the benefits of wireless can now be realized even for the discerning listener.

I've owned a few wireless headphones, including the Sennheiser MM 550, and the Jabra Revo Wireless. The Pendulumic is hands down the best of the three in sound quality and virtually all other areas, with clear, full, warm, rich, open sound that borders on the romantic. The controls are implemented smartly too.

What's keeping the Pendulumic from getting that fifth star is a few quibbles. 1) The inexplicable failure to label S1+ to its new version, both on the box and on the headset (they still show S1), 2) The failure to block out other room noises well (the Sennheiser's do a better job of cancelling out other noises); Inner Fidelity has the noise isolation tested at -7db, the worst performer in their tests. 3) Only one device can be paired at a time, which is inconvenient when using on the PC and receiving phone calls, and 4) The mic is not open, meaning that one cannot hear ones own voice when talking on the phone!

If sound quality is paramount, this is the ticket.

UPDATE 2/18/15

This review has been dropped from 4 stars to 3. After just a couple of days ownership, the control knob fell off (It was glued on, with no screw). In addition, callers couldn't hear me speak half the time (Galaxy Note 4). The only thing that keeps this score from being lower is the great sound and stellar US support.
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