Reviews by crossjeremiah


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: better than your on board soundcard , crisp clear sound better than creative codecs, 24 bit dac, TOSLINK optical outpu pass through, budget card
Cons: hard to install, drivers suck (get uni xonar drivers and they are still hard to install),
Ok I bought this card just for my Schiit Gungnir because my optical output on my motherboard broke off. So I went to microcenter and picked up this guy, the associate tried to sale me and crappy recon3d I knew this guy had no idea what he was talking about because creative cards are mostly codec based. So I went and bought the DGX and got home open the box, the pins were bent to ****. I tried to adjust them. I spent like 3 hrs trying to install the PCIe card and I almost gave up, until I saw this guy bend the ends where it screws in at, so I did that couple of times, I did not get the flushed result I want, but it was good enough. Then when I finally got it installed drivers took like 2 or 3 times to install. Then I realized my toslink was passing through the speakers and I honestly thought it wasn't hitting the gungnir wasnt being utilized. So I installed a modded driver and I had to put my windows 8 in test mode permanently to install the drivers for the driver enforcement bs. Well I got it working, foobar was recognizing the SPDIF pass through.
- Drivers suck on the soundcard the overall chip is good just the drivers not so much
- SQ and Dolby Headphone (I don't use but its a cool feature, cause i'm running everything through DAC and amplifier don't want to distort the sound)
- Hi-fi Mode disables all processing (which is awesome)
I'm just using this for my Schiit Gungnir, so far no jittering or noise. So its doing it's job