Reviews by blr


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Sound for the price.
Cons: Cables a bit thin and stiff, can tangle easily. Lacking low mids.
I got these in a hurry before a flight some time ago, realizing that any phone is better than no phone on a several hour flight.  I didn't expect much, but  putting them on made me stop and have a listen for a minute. These 10 Euro phones were not junk, not at all actually. Bass and treble were there, not the best I ever heard, but the presentation was clean, clear with very good separation between instruments. Initially, the high mids/low treble sounded a bit shrill, which could be fatiguing at higher volumes for long times. Once they had some hours of playing, they settled to a more mellow sound. One thing that is still missing is some energy in the low mids, I assume in the range of 200-400 Hz. This takes some drive from the sound, especially on classic rock and blues recordings, where you have a lot going on in this frequency region. Despite this, I should say that these small buds were a pleasant surprise. I was amazed, how much sound one could get for a small sum these days.