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Headphoneus Supremus
Balanced or the highway
Pros: Endless power
Controlled power
Dead silent
Cons: Bulky
Out of all the headphone amps I have seen, none ever matched the Master 9 from Audio-GD. Looking at the Master 19 I can hardly imagine how and why a bigger/beefier amp would ever be needed.
The 19 is slimmed down version of the 9, while getting "95%" whatever that may mean. The 19 is B.I.G. and runs quite hot as it is a pure class A amp at 9 watt; balanced.
A relay controlled volume control makes sure there no form of channel imbalance at any volume. About that volume; from 0 to 99, with an L or H in front of it. The L(ow) gain uses the same logic as the H(igh) gain but uses a bit less range: meaning it doesn't degrade between H or L, just the range is different.
The frequency response is natural and neutral while the width is remarkable. Throw a focal headphone at it and it sounds like a normal headphone, but with the focal qualities. An HD800 might be overkill combined with the 19 but I never tried that combination.
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Shane D
Shane D
Do you still own this? If so, are you lovin' it?

Is there much headroom with efficient headphones?
I do. Still love it. From audio-gd this has the best price to performance ratio for the headphone amps imo. It's a beast.
I sometimes use this amp with my um mest mk2 and it delivers clean and spacious sound with hardly any hiss. Less hiss than my violectric v280 for example.