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AUDIOSENSE DT100: Unbelievably Organic Sounding One
Pros: - Well-tuned balance sounding IEM.

- Smooth and relaxing tuning.

- Good midrange quality.

- Surprisingly coherent sounding set.

- A good quality IEM case.

- Alluring-looking resin shells.

- Sufficient bass quality.
Cons: - MMCX connector (subjective for I'm more leaning on 2-pin connectors except for QDC type ones).

- Wish for more resolution and micro-detail retrieval.

- Layering of instruments needs further improvement in some tracks.

Fellow audio enthusiasts here in Head-fi, I welcome you all to my another IEM review. And here it is, my fourth product write-up from one of my new favourite audio companies in China, Audiosense.

If you are following and reading some of my articles here about my assessment about Audiosense products, I always gave them a high mark due their tuning approach and the high quality of their products. Their DT300, DT600 and T800 really shows their sophistication and elan on what a mature tuning IEM should sounds like and for a decent price that will not break your bank account. And now I have their most affordable and starter set from their DT series, The Audiosense DT100.


Audiosense DT100 is a single Balanced Armature driver set-up. Like all Audiosense products, it uses a MMCX connector as their standard choice due to flexibility and ease for adjustments. Its shell is made of medical-grade skin-friendly resin shell moulded from 3d printing technology that will ensure its casing's contour to provide better fitting to most ear sizes. The choice of aesthetics for its faceplate is admirable and palatable-looking (I actually love seashell dishes) like its higher tier sister models, In this particular model they decided to choose an aqua blue colour scheme with a mother-of-pearl pattern. As I aforementioned about its single BA set-up, the said BA driver is a custom made full range BA from Knowles specifically for Audiosense as we are aware these companies have a good partnership.


The size of its shells is on small to medium proportion as it fits well into my medium-size lug holes without any discomfort on wearing them for long listening session. It has good sealing into my ears that it passively do a good noise isolation by blocking the external noises from outside surroundings. Even though that it doesn't have a vent hole, I don't encounter any unpleasant build up of air pressure coming from the BAs.

The Audiosense DT100's asking price is currently at US$109/£80. And it is available to most e-commerce platform. The packaging box is a white hue with a picture of a DT100 in a blue-green tinge background at the front and some basic informations of its specs in three languages namely Chinese, English and Japanese.

The contents included inside are:

- A pair of Audiosense DT100 IEMs.
- A white colour 19-core Silver plated copper MMCX connector cable
- a stone gray tinge medium-size IEM carrying case.
- 3 pairs of black ear tips with a green stem (reminds me of Sony eartips) in different sizes.
- 3 pairs of black stock ear tips in different sizes.
- an instruction manual

And Audiosense included an MMCX assist tool to detach easily the connectors.


Audiosense DT100 is an easy to drive IEM that even a decent source like smartphones and laptops can properly juice them up to its fullest potential with lots of dynamics and volume. They even scales better on high quality DAC/amps that usually found in some smartphones like from LG and DAPs.

The tonality of the Audiosense DT100 is on a balanced-neutral sound signature, you can consider them as a monitor-like warmish-neutral tuning due to its some elevation in bass, more linear mids and even leveled treble. People wants an analogueish warm tuning would definitely love this one.


Here are some sound characteristics based on my observation on Audiosense DT100 in each segment of audio frequency spectrum.


The DT100's bass is more presented in the audio spectrum on accentuated manner, well-precised, has a decent punchiness and has an agile transients.

The subbass performs satisfactory as it reach the depth range on low end spectrum as I hear some faint rumble and rustling noises on some electronic tracks from synthpop genre, knowing that this is just single BA not a dynamic driver and yet it could deliver that capability. Midbass has sufficient body that it will give an adequate note weight on some instruments like the authoritative and thudding sound of a bass kick, That resonant and growl sounding of a bass guitar and well-defined deep and natural presentation of bass-baritone vocals.

Despite that it has an elevated bass response, it relatively stays clean and assuredly well-controlled in the audio frequency spectrum as I don't perceive any some sort of bass bleed towards mids.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the strengths of this IEM on how mids are very appealing to its listeners, its naturalness, with some added warmth, transparent and accurate tonal colour.

Vocals on both genres are well presented, more forward, beautifully rendered emphasis on the natural timbre as male vocals sounds more deep, husky and guttural in any type of male vocal types and powerful, ethereal and sonorous of a a female vocals although I noticed in some female vocal-centric tracks that it sound more tremulous due to that weighty note that it gave more warm than it needed. Nonetheless, it is still pleasing to hear them.

As I praise the naturalness of its mids, The instruments sounds even closer to be a life-like one. On how you hear the every plucking string of string instruments like the guitar as they sound articulately and crunchy, the brazeness and blaring sound of a wind instruments like horns and saxs, the rich and resonant sound of a piano and the sustaining precise and sharp sounding of snare drum.

Overall, the blending of instruments and vocals are harmoniously stellar to sound more in natural and musical side rather than to be more analytical.


The treble of DT100 is more on a relaxed and smoother in delivery, It still has sufficient detail retrieval on its definition and harmonics value.

Due to less peaky uppermids, harshness and gratiness is absolutely absent, same with the non-existent sibilance that will give some annoyance on long term listening experience.

Cymbals sounds more on natural side, not too shimmer nor muffled as it gives an decent airiness that gives off some satisfying extension, hi-hats sounds more warm and tight. In general, the treble of this one doesn't give you that glistening and scintillating sensation that it will affect the overall resolution and clarity but it manage to deliver a competent detailing of micro-contrast.


Substantially, it has an above average dimension in width, a more emphasis on depth reach and a decent height on its perceived sound field , think of a medium size bar room.

Imaging surprising performs well as I can pinpoint on each placement of instruments and vocals with a decent sense of spacing and gaps on each other but my only slight whining on this one that layering aspect needs an improvement as it give off a slight flaw on an already good 3D-like holographic spatial chamber.

For the conclusion of this review, it is still comes up in my thoughts on how a single full range BA managed to deliver an unexpected tuning. How does it sounds very natural and has a pleasant tonality that it doesn't sound too "digital" or a metallic timbre of a usual BA set. Audiosense render us a very mature tuning that give us a relaxing and nostalgic moments on how good is a analogueish warm sound that focus more on musical enjoyment rather than focusing on being too critical and clinical sounding one.



MODEL: Audiosense DT100
PIN TYPE: MMCX Connector
PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm
DRIVER UNITS: 1 Knowles Balanced Armature

Some Tracks Tested: ( * = 16-bit FLAC, ** = 24-bit FLAC, *'* = MQA, '*' = DSD, *'= .WAV)

Alison Krauss -When You Say Nothing At All *
Jade Wiedlin - Blue Kiss**
Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks **
Mountain - Mississippi Queen *
Queen - Killer Queen **
Guns N' Roses - Patience *'*
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven '*'
Sergio Mendes- Never Gonna Let You Go '*'
Pearl Jam - Daughter **
Roselia - Hidamari Rhodonite *
Assassin - Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)*
Celtic Frost- Visual Aggression *
New Order - Blue Monday *
The Corrs- What Can I do (unplugged version) *
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child *
The Madness- Buggy Trousers *
Metallica - Motorbreath **
Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby *
Destiny's Child - Say My Name *
Malice Mizer- Au Revoir *
Mozart - Lacrimosa *
New York Philharmonic Orchestra - Dvorak- Symphony 9 " From the New World." *
Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold (Sting cover)*
Michael Jackson - Give In To Me *
Exciter - Violence and Force *
Diana Krall - Stop This World **
Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat *'*

I am not affliated to AUDIOSENSE nor receive monetary incentives and financial gains as they provide me a review unit for an exchange of factual and sincere feedback from yours truly.

Once again, I would like to thank Elaine Wong for this providing this review unit, I truly appreciate on her generosity towards me and other reviewers.

If you are interested this IEM product from AUDIOSENSE, Just check their FB Page and E-commerce sites links below:

FB: https://m.facebook.com/AudiosenseIEMs/

Official Site:

AUDIOSENSE Official Store

Shopee (ASEAN Market):

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Just been A/B testing the AS DT100 with the new Aful MagicOne. The DT100 wins hands down across all my objective and subjective criteria (except the Aful does have a nicer cable, but most of us change that out straight away along with tip selection).

The DT100 has been on 11.11 and Black Friday sales and I've ordered 2 more sets at ~£40 (vs £119 + tax for the Aful).
So 2x DT100 for way less than the price of the MagicOne? I'll take that any day of the week! Plus the DT100 is better build quality, more beautiful, more musical, more flexible and for my stage use the noise isolation and MMCX connectors are a big plus.
@innovated the price of DT100 was over $100 when it was released but still cheaper than MagicOne. More musical? yes it is, though DT100 is still under a neutral-type of sound signature in my classification.


New Head-Fier
The Tamed and Robust AudioSense DT100
Pros: Warmish to Neutral sounds, full bodied mids
good accurate bass response
Cons: average to good technicalities


AudioSense was Founded in 2012 and had always focused on making HIFI headphones. They basically began in Shenzhen, China and just started to sell internationally last May 2019. One of their first well known products was the 8BA T800.
AudioSense is a matured sounding IEM equipped with a single full scale Knowles balanced Armature. That being the fact, the single KBA found in the DT100 provided a great listening experience, encapsulating all the frequencies in a splendid and well-defined neutral delivery.


Price: $109
Knowles Full-Range BA driver.
Medical Grade 3D printed Resin shell
Impedance: 18Ω.
Cable port: MMCX
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-22kHz.
Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1kHz.


What’s in the box:

The Box is well designed conceptualizing the color of the IEMs inside. Upon opening the box, you will be greeted with the premium looking candy-like IEMS and the stylish denim-like case. Inside the box you will be greeted with the following elements:

Denim Carry case
Narrow bore S/M/L (2 sets)
8-Core Silver Crystal Cable (MMCX)

My Sound Source:

I used the DT100 on my Shanling M3X, on dual DAC and high gain mode. As for the Player Applications, I circled around the Hiby Music App with MQA enabled, as well as the Build-in Shanling App, and at times venturing for a Tidal Playlist via UAPP app. I used the standard ear tips that were included with the DT100, as well as the stock cables, I recently shifted to a 24 core **** mcxx cable via 4.4 balanced port.



The DT100 is very well made, the KBA’s are completely enclosed and is molded within the Medical Grade Resin Housing. This means there are no other openings nor leverage points, the driver and the circuitry are completely enclosed within the resin inside. In addition, it is very small and has a good feasible shape that fades in your ears as you put them on. The DT100 provided me with a very good wearing solace and feel. The front panel showcased a glittery and abstract imagery that has an embossed AudioSense branding. The body of the DT100 was crystal like in presentation having an aquamarine transparent color, you can pick inside and visualize the single Knowles Balanced Armature (KBA) and the circuitry it has.

My Subjective Impressions:

Disclaimer: I tend to love warm sound signatures with focus on the mids clarity of the vocals. you can say that I am a bit of a bass-head as well as a loud head, ramping the volume of my M3X up to 50-85. I also generally listen to alternative, punk, rock, and classical music playlists. I am not an audiophile, and my taste would tend to reflect an average consumer user to an enthusiast level.

This i.e.m. is a neutral sounding i.e.m. If you like an accurate, defined and well detailed sound, this might be what you are looking for.


The Bass is very textured and accurate, it is not thumpy, yet it is defined, but it kind of fades or decays fast. Even though that is the case it still leaves a crunch. I love how I can feel the slaps of the bass guitars in some tracks that I played. but be advised this is not a Bass -head i.e.m., Overall if you are used to Bass like orientation this might not be for you.


The Mids. is very defined and is the star or highlight of the DT100, vocals shines, in detail and clarity. This is really the real selling point for this i.e.m.


The highs are not sibilant and are very transparent, reaching a shining experience. OH yeah, its sparkly! One of the best neutral sounding IEM in the market! The highs are not shouty nor are they too sharp. Overall, they provide a well-defined clarity towards the highs

Soundstage and imaging

The soundstage and imaging are just good and seems to be just fine or average sounding. The DT100 might have a difficult time running through busy and high impact tracks.


Overall, the DT100 are a very warmish to neutral IEMS, since it only has a singular KBA, in tracks that tend to have a busy and upbeat sound and a lot of instrumentation, these might have a difficult time to visualize the details and thus may feel tumultuous at times. The DT100 goes best with Acoustics or Vocal focused genres as well as R and B mixes. Just stay away from the busy tracks.

Where did i get it: AUDIOSENSE Shopee
Home Page of AS: Audiosense Webpage

If want to watch an unboxing and quick summary of the review please check it here:
Such a concise yet easy to understand review. Thumbs up!


Member of the Trade: RikuBuds
Pros: Amazing bass quality for a BA iem
Natural timbre across the range
Relaxing and non-fatiguing treble
Male vocals
Buld quality
Cons: Technicalities
Too warm tonality for most female vocals

EDIT 2021-07-11: demoted the rating from 4.5/5 to 3.5/5 due to the GS Audio GD3A.

: I bought this with a big discount for this review from the Audiosense official store on AliExpress. Thank you very much.

Price: 110 usd


Impedance: 18Ω

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-22kHz

Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1kHz


Carry case

Narrow bore S/M/L (2 sets)


Cable: SPC 8-core cable. It is the standard cable for Audiosense that comes with pretty much all their iems. Measures at 0,36 ohms, pretty decent. But build quality on it is not good with plastic connectors (metal divider) and the plastic for the ear hooks are very noticeable. Has a working chin-slider.







Build: Resin build and it has a small vent near the mmcx connector (but it doesn’t do anything to isolation or comfort, so feels more like a ventless shell). Has a metal mesh in the nozzle but no lip for the tips. Shell is on the smaller side and doesn’t weight a lot.

Fit: Perfect for me, it doesn’t move at all once it is in my ears. I have no problems with the fit at all. It is definitely more than good enough for physical activities.

Comfort: Due to the “lack” of a vent (that helps with pressure alleviation), comfort for me is not very good. Feels like a suction cup (like most BA iems), so if you are sensitive to pressure build up, then I cannot recommend this.

Isolation: Very good isolation thanks to the shell shape but also because it having “no vents”.

Setup: Ibasso DX160 (low gain, volume around 31), Final Audio Type E L tips, Tri Through cable 4.4mm

Bass is both fun (due to the elevated quantity and very good texture) and clean (good speed and tightness) while it is natural (very good timbre, close to DD timbre, although it does not move as much air as DDs do and does not extend as low either). Very impressive for a BA iem. Best bass in a BA iem that I have currently heard.

Mid-bass: Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), quantity and speed is good but could be tighter and have better instrument separation because it is a bit bloated and texture could be better as well. The (02:55-03:01) section with the chopper is hearable but a bit bloated.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), quantity is very good and is fun. Texture, speed and tightness are very good as well. So, it is both clean and fun.

Sub-bass: Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), impressive extension and rumble for a BA iem. Punch quantity is good but could be a bit higher, texture, speed and tightness are good as well.

Will Sparks – Sick like that (03:08-03:22), quantity and texture are very impressive for a BA iem. Speed and tightness are good but could be better.

Mids: Very natural mids due to the timbre and tonality (especially with the male vocals). But female vocals are a bit too warm while it makes the male vocals are great. Balancing is pretty good but leans a bit towards male vocals.

Female-vocals: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), instrument tonality is very good but lacking some brightness for the vocal tonality. Both instruments/vocal timbre are exceptionally good for a BA iem. Vocals aren’t forward but they aren’t recessed either.

Yuki Hayashi – MightU (01:58-02:55), both instruments and vocal tonality needs to be brighter. But naturality is still very good thanks to the timbre. Details and clarity could be better though.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), not peaky at all and very non-fatiguing.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Crescent (02:07-02:26), not peaky at all and very non-fatiguing, very impressive.

Male-vocals: Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (00:57-01:17), very good instrument/vocal tonality and with a very natural timbre. Although clarity and micro-details could be better.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), very good instrument/vocal tonality and with a very natural timbre. Although clarity and details could be better.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), electric guitars aren’t sharp at all.

Deuce – America (03:03-03:16), not shouty or sharp at all, but instrument separation and imaging needs to be better as it gets a bit chaotic.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cello tonality, texture and timbre are very good but details could be better. Violin timbre is very good but tonality (needs to be brighter), texture, details and treble extension needs to be better.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), good tonality but instrument separation, imaging and overall resolution could be better.

Soundstage: pretty good width and depth.

Tonality: Warm bass-boosted neutral sounds very natural due to the timbre being exceptionally good for a BA iem and it is tuned very well. Note-weight is leaning towards thickness rather than being thin. The tonality is very atypical of Knowles Bas as they tend to be more aggressive rather than being more relaxed and warmer like it is on this iem.

Details: macro-details are average but micro-details are below average at this price, most likely a bottleneck of having only 1 BA as the treble extension is suffering.

Instrument Separation: both imaging and separation are below average as it starts getting chaotic on faster/busier tracks.

Songs that highlight the IEM:

Good genres:
Hip-hop, R&B, Trance, EDM, Vocal focused tracks

Bad genres: Fast/busy tracks as they tend to be a bit chaotic due to the instrument separation/imaging. Otherwise pretty versatile.


IEM: Audiosense T180 Pro, stock tips L, NiceHCK LitzPS cable 4.4mm

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), Extension, rumble, punch quantity and texture are all much better on the DT100. A bit tighter and faster on the T180 Pro though, but timbre and tonality are much better on the DT100 as well as resolution, so its both cleaner and more fun.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), Similar speed but a bit tighter on the T180 Pro but texture and quantity are much better on the DT100.

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), faster and tighter on the T180 pro but lacking in quantity and texture.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), Instrument tonality is better on the DT100 while vocal tonality is better on the T180 Pro. But cleaner and more details on the DT100.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), more relaxing and non-fatiguing on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), better vocal/instrument tonality on the DT100 and timbre.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), more relaxing and non-fatiguing on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cello tonality, timbre, texture and details are better on the DT100. Violin tonality is better on the T180 Pro but texture, details, timbre are better on the DT100. Similar treble extension.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), better tonality, timbre and details on the DT100.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), similar soundstage, but a bit better instrument separation, imaging and details on the DT100. Timbre is much better on the DT100.

Overall: The T180 Pro is very different from the DT100. While the DT100 is a warm bass-boosted neutral iem that sounds closer to a DD iem rather than BA. The T180 Pro is a n-shaped iem with more vocal focused sound. Although they both have a single BA, the DT100 is more technical and higher resolution.

IEM: Audiosense DT200, Sony EP-EX11 tips L, Tri Through cable 4.4mm

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extends and rumbles more on the DT100. Punch quantity is also more on the DT100 and is more textured but a bit faster and tighter on the DT200.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), a bit more quantity on the DT100 and more textured. Tightness and speed are a bit better on the DT200 so it is cleaner on the DT200 but more fun and natural on the DT100.

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), cleaner on the DT200 due to it being faster and tighter. A bit more quantity and texture on the DT100.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), Instrument tonality are very similar but a bit better on the DT100. Vocals are a bit more forward and has better tonality on the DT200 and is cleaner.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), a bit less peaky on the DT100 and tonality is warmer.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), better instrument/vocal tonality on the DT100, but cleaner and more detailed on the DT200.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), very similar tonality but a bit cleaner on the DT200.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cello tonality, timbre and texture are much better on the DT100 while details is similar. Violin tonality, details and treble extension are a bit better on the DT200 but better timbre on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), better tonality on the DT200 and cleaner.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), Similar soundstage but details, instrument separation and imaging are better on the DT200. Timbre is better on the DT100.

Overall: The DT100 is a bit more versatile and natural sounding than the DT200 due to it having a more natural timbre and a bass that can handle bassy genres (like hip-hop, trance, EDM) better than the DT200. But the DT200 does have better technicalities and with a bit better resolution, as more complex tracks (fast and busy) can sound bloated and chaotic on the DT100. The DT100 is better for those that want a more fun iem, while the DT200 is better if you want better technicalities and resolution.

IEM: Hisenior T2, Final Audio Type E (Clear) tips LL, Tri Through cable 4.4mm

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extension, rumble and texture are all better on the DT100 but similar punch quantity, speed and tightness.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), similar quantity but a lot better texture on the DT100 while speed and tightness are a bit better on the DT100. Cleaner and more detailed on the DT100, bloated on the T2.

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), similar speed and tightness but still cleaner on the DT100.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), Instrument and vocal tonality are better on the DT100 (a bit wonky on the T2) as well as the timbre, details and clarity.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), a bit more relaxing and non-fatiguing on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), much more natural on the DT100 due to the tonality and timbre, cleaner and more detailed as well.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), a bit more relaxing and non-fatiguing on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cello/Violin tonality, texture, details and timbre are better on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), tonality, timbre, details and clarity are better on the DT100.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), similar soundstage, but details, imaging, instrument separation and timbre are better on the DT100.

Overall: The DT100 is outclassing the T2 on pretty much all aspects. Timbre, tonality and technicalities are much better on the DT100. If your budget allows it, just get the DT100.

IEM: Fiio FH3, Final Audio Type E tips LL, Faaeal litz copper cable 4.4mm

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extension, rumble, texture, speed and tightness are on another league on the FH3.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), speed, tightness and texture are in another league on the FH3 but similar quantity.

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), speed, tightness and texture are much better on the FH3. Quantity is similar.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), instrument tonality is a bit better on the DT100 but better vocal tonality on the FH3 as well as more forward vocals. But timbre (mids/treble) is actually better on the DT100, although overall sound is cleaner and more detailed on the FH3.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), more relaxing and non-fatiguing on the DT100 and also a bit more natural sounding due to the timbre and tonality.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), cleaner and more detailed on the FH3 but more natural on the DT100 due to the tonality and timbre.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), more relaxing and non-fatiguing on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cello tonality is better on the DT100 but better texture, timbre and details on the FH3. Violin tonality, texture, details and treble extension are better on the FH3 but better timbre on the DT100.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), better tonality, details and clarity on the FH3 but better timbre (mids/treble) on the DT100.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), soundstage, details, instrument separation and imaging are much better on the FH3. Mids/treble timbre is better on the DT100 while bass timbre is better on the FH3.

Overall: The FH3 has better resolution, technicalities and much better bass. But the DT100 is a better tuned iem, considering that it only has 1 BA and that timbre makes it overall a more natural sounding iem. Both are great though.

Conclusion: The DT100 is a great iem if you just want to enjoy listening to music with as much isolation as possible. While its technicalities aren’t really impressive, it makes up for it with that bass and timbre which are the best I have heard up to this point from a BA only iem. IF this was a DD (or more than 1 BA) it would have gotten a 4/5 instead as the technicalities are definitely below average for something at this price, but I believe this truly deserves a 4.5/5 based on its driver type/count as it is doing a better job at the factors (bass and timbre) that multi-BA iems usually struggles a lot with even at 3 times the price.


Reference/test songs:
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Great review - I especially agree with all the observations when comparing to FH3 (of which I also own 2 sets). Thank you 😊 😁 🤗


New Head-Fier
Expectations fulfilled
Pros: warm, full body mids
good bass extension for a singe BA
also applies to the treble
Cons: bass a bit too bloated on bass intensive songs
mids a bit too warm
average technical characteristics
Rating: 8
Sound: 7.8

AUDIOSENSE is maturing more and more into a professional IEM manufacturer from China that is to be taken very seriously. The company has developed steadily and offers IEMs with a wide variety of configurations at an always fair price.
With the T180, the company already has a single-BA driver IEM in its portfolio, which is, however, no longer really up to date technically. The DT100 is supposed to change this now, but at three times the price. Can this be justified?

AUDIOSENSE never disappoints with the presentation and accessories.
A set of spinfits, as well as another set (S, M, L) of somewhat firmer silicone tips. Plus a good, silver-plated cable (MMCX) and a carrying case with a fur interior, something you're used to from companies like CAMPFIRE AUDIO (e.g. Solaris).

The DT100 is completely molded. This means there is no cavity, but the driver is completely enclosed by the resin inside. In addition, it is very compact and ergonomic, which results in a very good wearing comfort. The faceplate together with the transparent blue of the case/resin is nice to look at. A really successful presentation with good and useful accessories, paired with an appealing design.

The isolation is exceptionally good, especially with the spinfits. Here, the passive isolation is certainly also a selling point.

By now, I've really taken a liking to BA-only driver configurations and also use them in my own IEM designs. Aside from being a bit easier to maintain, and more durable if the IEMs are used properly, I especially love the midrange reproduction of well-tuned BAs.

Knowles' single BA has no easy task. Usually, BA-only IEMs distribute different frequency ranges (bass, mids, treble) among several shoulders, since a pure BA (depending on its orientation) is often not capable of satisfactorily covering a complete frequency spectrum. Many BA-IEMs are often described as mid-centered or vocal-centered, because the bass is usually too limited and the focus is on the mids.
I am all the more surprised by the bass of the DT100. It has some quantity and can even reproduce lower frequencies sufficiently. However, it is a bit plumped up in the mid-bass, which also continues in the upper bass and affects the mids. Likewise, it is not always 100% stable, but also tends to drone sometimes. Nevertheless, I am quite satisfied with the performance of the Single-BA in the low frequency. For me, however, it is almost a bit too much or not tight enough.

The mids sound a bit warmer than they should, but still they are exactly of the caliber I expect from a good BA driver. Voices sound intimate as well as natural and instruments quite smooth and authentic without becoming garish or shrill. Surely all this could be better and a jump in the cold water would do the mids quite well to cool down, but I like this soft, warm and emotional presentation of the mids.

The highs are equally positive for a single-BA. They are not the most lively and with a second BA driver, which exclusively takes care of the treble, you can certainly get a bit more brilliance and transparency out of it, but you can also cut your own flesh and make the sound artificial and unpleasantly spiky.
The highs have enough energy and keep up with the mids quite well. There are no sibilants or other annoying peaks that could lead to fatigue.
Together with the mids, they demand more than enough detail to come to light while maintaining their relaxed and authentic character. Not for trebleheads and perhaps a bit too dark for some in tandem with the potent bass, but to me everything seems quite harmonious.

The stage has a realistic extension without venturing into unknown worlds. Nevertheless, the 3D image produced is within a very good average, as the BA driver doesn't let its guard down too much in imaging and separation. However, the DT100 certainly doesn't have any groundbreaking technical features.

The DT100 can bring a smile to the face of anyone who prefers a warm and relaxed BA sound and finds accurate but smooth mids more important than a rich punch or micro-detail fireworks. I've only heard better from QDC Neptune so far, although my single BA-IEM selection to date is also rather modest and this statement should therefore be taken with a grain of salt (TIPSY BLUE AURORA, AUDIOSENSE T180, KBEAR F1, NICEHCK X49).

For my taste, the DT100 is a bit too expensive, but for that you are equipped with an extensive and valuable accessories. You also get a completely molded IEM that fits like a glove. In addition, it is a clear upgrade to the T180 from our own house.

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Outstanding and extremely knowledgeable review! I love 😍 🫂 the DT100 and just bought 2 more... 😂