Audio Technica ATH-M2X Mid-size open-back headphones - Reviews
Pros: Great for getting into AudioTechnica, Not Uncomfortable, Beatiful
Cons: Glasses Can Dig In During Wearing, Quality If You're Picky
No elitists aloud here.
Headphones are objects with personality! The richest people can enjoy the cheapest headphone just because it provides the sound he's looking for, has the highs he likes, or just fits his personality.
Quick Personal Overview
-Detail is great for $20.
-Vocals come off as "cute", not serious.
-Clean Drums, not for people searching for genuine sound.
-Very Fun.
-Headphones detach in certain areas, but can be put back together. Besides that, be careful.
-Electronic Music comes out in detail, not the whole song, but certain beats with static will become easy to notice for experienced users.
AudioTechnica ATH-M2X
I've had these laying around for a while, and to say the least, what really drove me away was the chord. We're talking 10ft for a small pair of cans.
I finally have decided to pick them up, and I'm impressed, though they aren't a cheap version of HD800s' or something in that region.
The Important Thing: They literally remind me, and a few others of cheap Grado Labs Headphones!
I talk to a few others and a sound engineering place I visit down the street, and these cans have been passed around several times.
I've had three people say they're like a cheap Grado Labs Cans.
With that said, these aren't the most realistic sounding cans.
But read the review!
I usually wouldn't give a description, but enjoy this as it may help you image these properly without having to go off the deep end guessing.
The cans are extremely detailed. They sound like a nice pair of cans that don't overpower much at all, and make for some tasty sounding amp cans. I think I'd go as far as calling them Summer Cans, something with a sound signature that sounds good for the summer with their slightly Grungy Bass, Striding Straight Forward Sound.
With these being open, and $20 you almost have to guess the sound before you buy them.
The Bass is very crisp, clean, and neat sounding, we're not gonna use the word pretty at all for these.
The Bass is Grungy, in the sense that Alice In Chains has a very straight forward, and hollow sounding Bass Guitar in %90 of their songs.
It's empty, but detailed. And I say empty in a good way, it's not overpowering, but leaves you with a bit of Treble, and not grasping for any more of the Bass. Personally, I find it's enough to make these cans what they are, it gives that Grungy personality to these. Not to mention, these were thought to be in mind for tracking guitar chords.
You can call them colored, and not on purpose, I feel that this was a purposeful design.
Be that in mind, the Bass is beautifully detailed.
One thing I find important about these is their Highs.
It's their strongest point if you're chasing a slightly natural sound, or organic.
Cymbals are splashy in more Rock N' Roll songs, they dampen in Metal and give you that fast & dim detail.
Pop Cymbals sound sloshed together, and over emphasize the Mids too much.
So here's where I noticed that this review would go sour for people, and it saddens me to know after I say this, a lot of you won't even give this a chance.

The vocals come off as cute, not candied, but just straight up cute, hearing the lisp off a woman's voice, and it sounding slightly studio produced, maybe a little bit candy coated with some sugar to make them sound sweet, & beautiful.
But it's not that big of a problem, to me at least. I listen to Indie Pop, so in a lot of cases it works out.

Male vocals are cute too, but they get rustled up in loud guitar points, and at times can seem like he's muttered out a bit by the guitar.
I recommend anyone who's trying to delve into AudioTechnica and take baby steps to grab this first.
It's dirt cheap, and a great entry.
They sound OK with an amp, but you are aware that all it's doing is fixing up the Highs after a few songs.
Definitely a hidden treasure on the Low Budget side! I think if you don't have astounding expectations, you'll fall in love if the sound grows on you.
If you get the M2X, here are some recommended Albums, & Test Tracks(My Taste):
[track]Chvrches - By The Throat[Synthpop(Mellow song with plenty of highs, but demonstrates the headphone very well)]
[album]Bleachers - Strange Desire[Synthpop(Definitely makes the Sweet Vocals pop, and makes you wanna play on repeat)]
[album]PEARS - Go To Prison[Street Punk(
[track]Tomahawk - Mescal Rite 1[Experimental(Great track for tracking instruments)]
I had to C&P
Thumbs Up :)
Thanks, I hope this is a influence for people to buy em'.