Audio Technica ATH-CKP500 RD Red Waterproof Sports In-Ear Headphones

General Information

A genuine product of Audio-Technica Japan. In a Japanese retail package. 1 year warranty valid only in Japan.

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Pros: i don't know
Cons: The bass is a bit too much overpowering the rest, and looks pretty fragile
Well i got a chance to listen to this cans, this is my first ATH IEM and i don't have anything to compare but to my M50, and it's kind of a little less spacious than M50, and the bass is overpowering the others, the build looks pretty fragile, but the comfort is decent for an IEM, i think..
I had a chance to listen to Crossroad before, and i think CKP500 present more bass than that cans.. 
overall this is a decent cans i think, i don't know it's worth the money or not, since this is my first IEM so can't help it.
but overall i love this cans, since my DAP is kind of bright and this cans makes it sounds pretty nice, well.. at home i prefer my M50 though.
why bother with a review...


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