Audio-gd DAC-3SE

General Information

Uses all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA & EVOX caps (German brand), custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps, all audiophile grade input & output sockets and gold IEC socket.

If you listen to this gear, maybe you will be mistaken; it sounds just like a tube DAC , but it has more dynamics and control, deep bass, thick mid and soft high, but you can hear more detail.

1. Parallel D/A chips are adopted in this design. By equipping each channel with two pieces of top-grade parallel PCM1704U-K, the tone quality, dynamics and linearity are all considerably improved.

2: Uses DIR9001 to take the demodulation, the DIR9001 fixed Jitter value is as low as 50PS, being the lowest Jitter demodulation chip at present, while CS8414/CS8412 Jitter value is as high as 200PS. As a whole, this is not good enough so that we carried out many modifications, like increase the external connection phase locking circuit and so on, finally successful in revising the electric circuit, using modified DIR9001 circuitry, to reduce the fixed jitter value to 20PS which is even lower than any external phase locking circuit in top imported DACs costing tens of thousands Chinese Yuan, whose Jitter values are above 40PS.

3. Power supply is separated in different parts to match different electric circuitry. We use 18 groups of newly designed parallel stabilized voltage supplies to respectively power the different circuits, three transformers which have a total power of 150W and a special filter capacitor which exceeds 40,000 UF. It is very obvious to tell from this design that a good power supply is the foundation of an excellent sound quality and that I believe every user will agree.

4. In this design, the transformer, the digital and analog parts are all compartment-shielded by aluminium sheets.

5: By using the lowest time-base distortion CANARE BNC coaxial input terminal, we get in practice a clearer sound with more sense of level than ordinary RCA coaxial and fiber input.

6. To achieve the best performance of this product, heavyweight pure aluminum alloy machine box is used to prevent the eddy current of transformers from interfering with the circuit board. The upper plate and bottom plate of the box are both made from aluminum alloy which is as thick as 5MM, the side plate 8MM and the face plate up to 12MM. The device net-weight is 12.5Kg without packing.

7: Benefits from the high speed characteristic, excellent linearity and low phase distortion of diamond differential circuit, which is being loved and supported by more and more audio fans. Although the circuit is complex, the tone quality is impressive. Weve done a lot of study and experiments on diamond differential current these last two years, aiming to get a better solution of circuit design.

For a DAC, high analyzing ability is the most important requirement. The detailed recurrence of resolution lies in the upward and downward characteristics and the noise level of the output amplifier. Because output amplifier is the bottleneck, if the upward characteristic is not good enough, the signal cannot be followed correctly on time and the amplifier can only catch half or even less of the signal level before it disappears. This leads to a downsizing of the original range of signal output from DAC, which directly causes obscurity or even loss of sound effect and a low analyzing ability. A lot of DACs, therefore, even with a highly analytical D/A converter in the digital section, cannot play most of the details due to its low analog circuit speed. To get a good upward characteristic, the only way is to use a high-speed low-noise transistor amplifier. Even operational amplifier and tube cannot compare with high-speed low-noise transistor amplifier in effectively lowering the TIM distortion which has a big impact on the sound quality and promising a pure and pleasant sound delivery.


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