Apple iPod nano 8 GB Silver (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL

General Information

It's the small iPod with one very big idea: Video. Now the world's most popular music player lets you enjoy TV shows, movies, video podcasts, and more. The larger, brighter display means amazing picture quality. In five eye-catching colors, iPod nano is stunning all around.

Latest reviews

Pros: Very loud, .mp3s sound great, tons of accessories for car and compatible with some radios that can control the ipod
Cons: Storage size* No Rockbox firmware for it yet
    So when my old sansa c240 with an extra 2gb card and rockbox firmware crashed I needed a new .mp3 player for use mostly through a car radio in a scion xb.  I had been wanting an ipod for many years but had been discouraged by price mostly so I finally placed a bid on this model and won it on ebay.  I was not expecting it to be as loud as it was with my cheap canal phones but it rocked.  I decided to get some decent albeit outdated canal phones to see what this unit could do and it sounds great with my Senn cx500.  I am not a mac fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, this is actually the first apple product I have ever purchased. 
   I though that having over 40gb of music and only an 8gb portable mp3 player was going to be a problem but I quickly found out that the stuff I really want to put on it is my favorites and that I have way too many albums/artists that I rarely listen to -some I only keep for when certain people visit since I have speakers all over the house and in the backyard.  I haven't even filled it yet and last I checked I had 2.5gb of free space for podcasts etc.  So the storage size issue turned out to be a minor one and really more of an eye opener. 
     The only thing I wish I could change is the original mac firmware to Rockbox.  Rockbox is entirely more configurable in all aspects. 


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