Apple iPod nano 16 GB Black (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Battery Life, Easy and Friendly User-Interface, Design
Cons: Audio Quality, lack of (new) features
There is nothing new added that is even somehow interesting for me, execpt the 16GB in a small package. the camera is a useless add-on to me, since I dont buy an Ipod to record clips, even though the clips are really sharp.
It lacks features like custom EQ and FLAC support (again, even though you can Rockbox it), and the sound quality is not that good. I can hear a small amount of static when I change the volume, which I dont have with anything else.
good things are the 16GB space, the User-Interface is still as always easy and user friendly. Same can be said about the Design. It feels sturdy but still not as sturdy as the 3rd generation 4GB.
Dont get me wrong it may sound very negative but I dont mean it like that. Everthing good from the previous models is in it. Its just nothing new that interesting except a 16GB space.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Nice design and practical use
Cons: Cheap sound outpup
The new iPod Nano really hasn't changed at all since the previous generation, but i think it's no problem: the new Nano only received some upgrades, and that's all. These features are FM Radio with LivePause, Nike+ pedometer, built-in camera (only captures video), and bigger capacity. The design and interface is just as cool and stylish as you would expect from Apple, only one con can I find: the sound output quality is cheap and thin for a serious headphone.


New Head-Fier
Pros: small size, great battery life, nice screen, radio
Cons: mediocre equalizer,
The moment my eardrums met the sound of my new nano, they were disappointed. Although i was using my trusty Koss PortaPros the bass felt weaker than my 1st gen iPod touch. the sound was also not as crisp as my itouch. after a few weeks i noticed an improvement in the sound. the highs and lows seem to be getting tighter, so is the bass. i wasnt aware that the equalizer is something that needs to be "broken in." but i suppose this is always the case. anyway, this device is worth it for on-the-go audiophiles but HiFiers with more discerning ears might need a good headphone amp.


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