1. MellonCollie
    "Okay compared to newer gen"
    Cons - Battery life, no apps
    I dont reccomend this ipod.

    I paid 50 and I'm sattisfied

    Get the newer gen, anything below this is crap
    I cant have fun in the app store, It only runs IOS 4.2.1, meaning I need a 3g^

    Overall Great music player, Interface is great, better than my fuze, more fun and better organized

    Battery life is awful, I could use it all day with the exception of brightness on low

    If you pay 100 you are getting ripped off, I was told this ipod was recently purchased and was upset to see a 2g, but glad i only payed 50, my fuze was 70 and I dropped it many times until it broke, this ipod is very strong for me since I run with it.

    Another, thing, I cant use apps from installous and it crashed while jailbroken,

    I miss my 3g, It had a huge difference in quality

    If you have 100 dollars, dont buy this, I know the 5g is expensive but it's a better deal
  2. Andrewnd
    "Still Going Good"
    Pros - Good SQ for an iPod, Basically does everything anyone could want
    Cons - Its made by Apple, So its overpriced (when it was new)
    Overall I'm satisfied with my iTouch, its worked well for about 2 years now, Its been soaked with water and it managed to survive and dropped several times and hasn't broke which is really shocking cause Apples iDevices usually break quite easily but It does help to have it in a case and keep a screen protector on it.
    The interface is typical Apple iOS, does the job fairly well, only complaint about it is no 3rd party apps.
    SQ is actually pretty good for an iDevice, with sound check engaged and your favorite EQ it actually can reproduce digital audio just fine.
    Only real complaint is the built in speaker is verrrry quiet its nearly pointless.
    It is currently running iOS 4.2.1 and Jailbroken.
  3. Smiling Jack
    "Average sound, Exceptional capabilities"
    Pros - Friendly interface, easy to use, 3rd party potential
    Cons - Battery life degrades over time, standard buds subpar, sound quality average
    I purchased this with money saved over during the '09 winter. As with all Apple Products, iTunes is required in order to activate the product. This could be seen as a pro or con, depending on your preferences.
    The iPhone operating system runs smoothly, and displays itself clearly and neatly to the user. It's ease of use allows those who have never used a touch screen device to quickly become accustomed to it. Applications are available from a vast amount of developers on the App store, and can quickly transform your device into a one-of-a-kind object. The option to "jailbreak" the device further increases its appeal.
    I think that the device, however, is subpar in audio output. Compared to my other MP3 players, the bass lacks, and the treble can prove harsh when played loud. The ear-buds that come with the iPod are laughable, and should be used as a backup to your primary headgear. Battery life tends to decrease over time, so like other electronics, should only be charged when near dying.
    Overall, the product is exceptional in both entertainment and style, but lets down on audio output.
  4. Blaufeld
    "Not too bad audio quality for a pricy gadget..."
    Pros - Intuitive, albeit oversimplistic one, user interface.
    Cons - Closed approach to everything.
    Standard performance in every aspect matched to a too much high price. A gadget for the fashion crowd that tries to do too many things at a time, being not so good at any one of them.
  5. Sweet Maple
    Pretty good at what it does
  6. Whiskers
    "Brilliant device - as long as you don't drop it."
    Pros - Good sound quality, reasonable battery life, slim form factor, internet access, App Store and good video playback.
    Cons - Slim form factor can make use difficult with big hands, easily damaged screen, battery life fluctuates a lot and iTunes can be a real pain.
    I bought the iPod Touch 2G almost a year ago and have used it very often since then. It is a wonderful device, and can even be a reasonable replacement for a computer in certain situations. I shall give an honest review below of what I think of certain aspects of the device. (Note: the sound quality is being tested through relatively low end headphones, and you may find a completely different experience with better ones. Oh and this is my first review. [​IMG])
    The Sound Quality
    The sound quality on this device is really good, very clear and natural. The bass is detailed and punchy, the mids are crystal clear and the highs are pinprick sharp. There is no over-exaggeration of a particular pitch and the sound has a nice depth to it. The built in amp is relatively capable and after the OS 4 update the Equaliser settings are very good. 
    Browsing the internet on the iPod is a very nice experience. The Mobile Safari browser is responsive, efficient and full of features other mobile browsers lack. The only main feature it lacks is Flash, but hopefully Apple will rectify this at some point in the future. It's simple to use, and feels very natural to the point even an utter technophobe ought to be able to use it. Note that some people seem to be having issues with Safari crashing after updating to iOS 4. I personally have not experienced this, but you may wish to wait before upgrading just in case.
    Whilst viewing video on the iPod itself is generally quite good, there are several things which hinder the experience and hold the device back. First of all, the screen has an atrocious contrast ratio - the difference between dark and bright colours isn't anywhere near as high as one would expect. The aspect ratio of the screen can make viewing certain videos strange, though it's not always an issue. iTunes does convert some types of video into a type playable on the iPod, though this is very hit-and-miss as it does miss out many common file types such as .AVI. 
    On the positive side however the screen is very sharp and detailed, the video playback is rather smooth and colours are generally well recreated. Conversion software is a must if you are interested in video on the iPod Touch 2G.
    The interface on the iPod Touch and iPhone is simply second-to-none for its simplicity and cleanliness. And of course, it's shiny! It responds very fast to user commands and interprets them correctly almost all the time. Despite now being outdated tech-wise, the iPod Touch 2G still works well under iOS 4 - it responds fast when browsing through folders of apps, returning to the home page or opening an application. Note however that it doesn't officially support Multitasking, so if you consider this a must-have feature you are better buying a 3G or waiting for the next update which will probably hit September '10. (Alternatively you can jailbreak a 2G if you already own it)
    Battery Life
    The battery life on the iPod Touch 2G is generally very good. I personally find it will last upwards of 24 hours music playback. However when playing games my device can only last for an hour and a half from full charge. People seem to be encountering similar issues after upgrading to iOS 4, so again if you are on a previous iteration of the software it might be worthwhile sticking to your guns for the moment.
    The YouTube App which comes pre-installed works very well and some videos are even surprisingly high-quality. The App Store has plenty of worthy apps to download, many which are very useful. Ranging from Internet Radio to Lightsaber Duels, there's bound to be something to interest you. Photo viewing on the device is a pleasure, it's very natural and as always the interface responds very fast to your demands. There are also lots of photo manipulation and editing apps available through the App Store. Watch out for the back of the device - if you like to keep it new and shiny you had better get a protective cover for it pronto. As most people will know, the rear of Apple's iPod devices are a nightmare with scratch resistance and can look terrible after even a few days use.
    For someone who is only interested in music, this is not the right player for you. For those interested in games, photos, videos and the other features the iPod Touch 2G has then I would definitely recommend it, though again be aware that the iPod Touch typically has a yearly refresh in September. This could mean we'll have a 4G soon.
  7. stonyboys
    Just about everything that an entertainment device should be. SQ is great, you can use YouTube, you can browse the internet, and of course there are many great apps that you can get. The new 3.0 update has made it somewhat short on battery life, but that's not a problem unless you're using it just to play games.
    I paid 250 for mine when it was relatively new, but now that the 3rd gen has come out, you might be able to find one used for as low as 100$.