Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic Headset ( in-ear ear-bud )

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New Head-Fier
Apple Dual-Driver IEMs
Pros: -Natural mids
-Tight bass
-Neutral presentation
Cons: -Very tip-dependent
-Not much extensions on both ends
-Irreplaceable Apple cable
This is pretty much my first review here and looking at how old the Apple Dual-driver iems are, I was lucky to be able to snag one brand new.

I do not have any measuring equipment and neither am I am audio engineer/in the audio industry. I’m just here to share my opinions.

Measurement/Test Equipment:
My ears

iPod Video 5th Generation
TheBit OPUS #1S
Sony NW-A105


I was puzzled when I first plugged them in after reading many reviews stating that these are bass-lite but after spending quite some time with these (couple months), what I can conclude is that these are very, very tip dependent. I do agree with those who mentioned that there isn’t much bass on these with the stock tips provided but once I changed them to a pair of Final Audio tips, the lows came to life. With that said, however, sub bass extension is still almost non-existent. The bass on the ADDIEMs are tight, fast and punchy. Bass is clean and it doesn’t bleed into the mids.

I have a preference for mid-centric IEMs and I gotta say that I’m enjoying what I’m hearing on these. Mids are a small step forward compared to the other frequencies and vocals are slightly more towards the intimate side. Both male and female vocals sounded very natural to me and there was no hint of shoutiness. Detail retrieval is good.

They are present but not well-extended. Highs are very smooth and it sounds like there’s quite a big treble roll-off. Good news is, there is no form of sibilance.

Additional thoughts:
The sound of the ADDIEMs did not vary much between sources but I did like them most of my iPod Video 5th Gen (I’m guessing Apple did factor in the iPod when tuning these).

They came out in 2012 when I was still a kid and big names like UE and Westone were plastered everywhere. Almost 10 years has passed and I was finally able to get hold of a pair. 2 drivers in an Apple IEM? Wait, Apple manufactures IEMs?
Yeah they do. They did, rather. For daily commute/on the go, I’ll gladly take them out. Natural mids, tight bass and a tinge of warmth, I could have them in my ears all day.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: laid back and low fatiguing earphones with remote and mic
Cons: no bass, or very little of it, silicone tips are average for comfort
these are lean sounding and non fatiguing for that reason. they really lack low end and that is why they are lean. there is no sibilance. very light and comfortable. but i did not like that they are sound isolating at first but that's everyone may find it a good thing.
they are really cheap earphones and don't worth 70 euro they are sold for. so ye there is no bass, that is there is bass but very little of it. it won't impress people who like bass in music. but if you want earphones that are no fatiguing these are the one to get. apparently they are dual driver which i only found out now.
microphone is pretty clear although no where near as clear as beats tour 2 microphone.
these are for people who want laid back light earphones with little bass. the cable is the same as any other apple earbuds cable, easily tanglable etc,


New Head-Fier
Pros: Very nice design, pretty good isolation.
Cons: Harsh sound, they were overpriced and gave me poor comfort.
I had many expectations of these IEMs but unfortunately besides the great design of them they proved to be just overpriced.
Listening through an iPod shuffle (4G) I had, in the beginning I thought that something wrong was going with it. After using Comply Whoomp the sound was slightly better but the sound was harsh too.
The last try with them came through listening to a new-bought FiiO X3. LOL!!! The harsh sound was audiophiliac now!!!
Because I don't have many experience in IEMs or HPs overall I gotta say that a cheapo (7 and a little more pounds) Philips IEM pair of phones I have it's much better at least in soundstage (even though it's darker-sounding than the Apple's In-Ear).
My overall experience with them was decent but I recommend them only as a collectable product.


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