Apple In-Ear Headphones (White)

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  1. BBBS
    Pros - Well, they do make noise. Sort of
    Cons - Not worth even opening
    I don't know whether it's a conspiracy or a joke, but Apple's talk of these being good quality just makes them seem like hilarious liars who could sell ice to eskimos. If their intent is to drive aftermarket sales, then they've managed it. As far as I can tell these things literally don't play bass. It's just not there. The midrange is ok, and if you're tired, they're ok for watching movies with because they delete the thunderous parts of the soundtrack and preserve the voices and background noise quite well.
    The only possible use these really have is as a marketing tool to see how many people are wearing them and therefore fell for the marketing and sales speech. It's a lot.
    Oh and they fall out easily and they snap quite unexpectedly if you drop them on something hard.
  2. grenzreiter
    "Not good Apple"
    Pros - Design, Remote, Mic
    Cons - Sound, Value
    They are not very high quality and hurt my ear after wearing for half an hour.
  3. Ikelmonster
    Pros - free?
    Cons - Dirty sounding and painful
    These in-ear buds come with apple products. Everyone uses them. Not much to explain, really. They are not very high quality and hurt my ear after wearing for a few minutes. Only pro besides that they are free is that I have them when my other IEM or earbuds break