ampsandsound SE 84

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  1. Fastlane Audio
    "Amps and Sound SE-84 "
    Pros - Quality build, excellent sound.
    I purchased this sweet little amp for a second system, but soon found out this is not a second system amp at all. Its low price, and small footprint makes it perfect for use at the office, computer speaker, or even take it with you with your favorite set of phones, when you are required to spend time at your in-laws place and don't want to be tortured with their table top clunker. 
    Don't let is small size and price fool you, this amp has got the goods where it counts. Then SE-84's meager 3 watts is plenty to power all kinds of speakers to moderate listening levels, and super efficient models to levels that will get you lined out with your Queen.
    Best of all, its made is the USA, and built by a Justin Webber who pays attention to every detail.
  2. joespride
    "Single End Bliss, for headphones"
    Pros - Musical, Balanced tone, Build quality, Customer Service
    Cons - NONE
    First i want to say you wont find better customer service, Justin actually cares about his product and his customers. He just wants to build quality products that keep his customers happy
    The amp is built like a tank, when you open the considerable packing and finally do get to handle the amp it is immediately obvious how well built this amp is, Very solid.
    Aesthetics are nice as well, No gold this and silver that to increase the price, Just very nice attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, with quality components for a handsome, solid small
    foot print amp, that would look great on your desk or in your rack
    I don't typically get into the review process, I don't know the terms used. I know what sounds good with over 25 years in the hobby, I just never got into all the hype, and lingo. I love music !!!!!!!
    Sound: If your a fan of single ended amps (and I am)  then you will like what this amp has to offer, It gives you all the good attributes  without the syrupy warmness. The SE-84 still leans a bit warm as tubes should but its not over done. Detail retrieval is as good as it gets IMHO, I am loving my music collection all over again. The balance between lows mids and highs Is very good with no one thing sticking out
    above the rest. I often see reviews where one singles out treble etc... as bright, or harsh and so on,  Upon listening to this amp my first thoughts were WOW this thing is musical, toes tapping, air guitar strumming, head bobbing.............Looking like a 50 year old fool, I don't care I was in the zone.[​IMG] With more time I began to notice the finer points. I Heard new details in old favorites, the cymbals just seemed to shimmer through decay (no sizzle), note would hang in the air longer, voices were more life like with wonderful bredth, Bass was deep and defined with decent impact.
    This amp has found a permanent home in my headphone rig, and with a quality build I feel I could pass it down to my son. Hopefully a long time from now [​IMG]

    A pic with the tubes a glowing, and look at that beautiful wood work[​IMG]
    Here is a link to Justin Webers ampsandsound  Se-84

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